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Robin Arzon


Robin Arzon- Biography

Robin Amelia Arzon, also known as Robin Arzon, is a Philadelphia-born marathon runner. She has inspired hundreds of individuals to become fitness teachers.

She has also created the book “Shut Up and Run,” in which she teaches the appropriate way to run in a race. The runner is also a Vice President of Peloton’s exercise programming.

Pelaton’s VP has a bachelor’s degree from New York University. She then attended Villanova University School of Law for further study because she excelled in her studies.

When it comes to her parentage, the fitness instructor’s father is Puerto Rican and her mother is a Cuban refugee. Robin’s mother is a physician, and her father is a retired law professor.

Athletics were never a part of her life, but as a child, she was pushed to prioritize school and family.

What is the Net Worth of Robin Arzon? Salary, Earnings

Robin Arzon saw individuals running in a 10-kilometer marathon in 2003, which was the first time she witnessed people running in a marathon because she had no idea how far the 10-kilometer distance was.

She became obsessed with health and fitness after witnessing this. She made the decision to pursue a profession as a runner and fitness motivator. The female runner began her adventure by competing in marathon competitions.

The women’s fitness instructor ran her first marathon, The New York Marathon, in 2010. She has competed in five marathons in five days. The female runner finished her first 100-mile race in 2016.

She began her profession as a fitness instructor in 2012, after placing in a number of marathon races. She began writing fitness articles. Arzon also covered the 2012 Olympics in London as a sports reporter.

She desired a close athletic connection because she was a successful runner. She displayed another way to be an athlete by becoming a Peloton instructor in New York City.

The female runner was chosen as one of 20 Elite Americans to trek the Serengeti for the National Geographic Channel in 2015. She is also referred to be a good hiker.

Arzon is also a Road Runners Club of America certified running instructor and a global Adidas Ambassador. She has amassed an $8 million net worth after transitioning from runner to fitness teacher.

Lady Runner’s Relationship and Near-Death Experience

In terms of Robin Arzon’s near-death experience, she was kidnapped as a hostage while out with her pals at a pub during her undergraduate years. The man-made advantage of the lady runner as a shield.

In addition, the criminal was heavily armed with firearms. The lady runner finally got her hands on some kerosene. Arzon also witnessed the offender shooting the people.

This was a terrifying experience in her life. She didn’t think she’d be able to leave and survive. But, eventually, the cops arrived and apprehended the culprits, and the runner was fortunate to escape.

This encounter inspired the lady runner to be strong in her life. This incident inspired her to become a runner and a health and fitness coach. She began running every day after the heinous tragedy.

In terms of her marriage, the lady fitness instructor married Drew Butler, an investment manager. Robin and her spouse originally met in a pub in 2016 and began their marriage in 2019.

On March 2, 2021, the couple gave birth to their first child, Athena Amelia.

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