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Rohiqa Chagla

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Indian social worker and public figure Rohiqa Chagla was born between 1968 and 1970; she is currently 52 to 54 years old. In India, she has a long history of advocating for various social problems. She comes from a prominent, wealthy family in India. She comes from a solid family.

Rohiqa has always been known for being the wife of Mr. Cyrus Mistry, an Indian business magnate who is worth a billion dollars. From 2012 to 2016, Cyrus Mistry served as the Tata Group’s chair. Since her spouse passed away in a car accident on September 4, 2022, Rohiqa Chagla is presently going through the most difficult period of her life.

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Who is Rohiqa Chagla?

You may have frequently seen Rohiqa Chagla standing next to her husband Cyrus Mistry in the newspaper or on a new channel. She is the devoted spouse of the late Cyrus Mistry. She has supported her hubby through both good and terrible times. But regrettably, she will no longer be able to participate in her husband’s daily activities. when her husband passed away on September 4, 2022.

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What is the Net Worth of Rohiqa Chagla? Salary, Earnings

Wikipedia states that Rohiqa Chagla’s husband had a net worth of $29 billion (23,16,73,75,00,000 INR). Following Cyrus Mistry’s passing, his wife would now have the largest amount of his net fortune, with some of it potentially going to his kids.

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Rohiqa was pursuing her social career; she was not working as a businesswoman. She was unable to generate any independent income as a result. It will be challenging for us to reveal her personal and genuine net worth given her lack of earning information.

Where was Rohiqa Chagla? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

Mr. Cyrus Mistry, a multibillionaire businessman and former chairman of the Tata Group of India, was Rohiqa Chagla’s husband. He traveled to Udvada on September 4th, 2022, with Jehangir Pandole, Dr. Anahita Pandole, and Darius Pandole.

At Udvada, they went to see Iranshah Atash Behram. They traveled to Udvada to honor their ancestors and to pray for them. Cyrus came to see his father Pallonji Mitry to offer him his prayers. He lost his father in June 2022.

The next day, all four of them traveled back to India. They were driving their Mercedes back to Mumbai from Ahmedabad when it collided with a road divider. On a bridge across the Surya River in Palghar, the tragedy took place.

Without using a seat belt, Rohiqa Chagla’s husband was seated next to Jehangir Pandole in the back seat. Cyrus and Jehangir Pandole both passed away at the same time when the accident happened. However, Dr. Anahita Pandole and her husband Darius Pandole remain in the hospital, and they both have serious problems. The Indian Prime Minister has expressed condolences over Rohiqa’s husband’s passing.

Let us know if we may share Rohiqa Chagla’s biography with you. Our investigation reveals that Rohiqa was born in Mumbai. She has been residing in Mumbai for a while. He comes from a legal family. As a result, we assume Rohiqa may have finished her legal studies. However, there is no proof of her education. She must be between the ages of 52 and 54 at this point.

When discussing Rohiqa Chagla’s prominent family, it is revealed that she is M.C. Chagla’s granddaughter (Mohammadali Carim Chagla). Her grandpa held positions as a Cabinet Minister, judge, attorney, and ambassador. From 1947 to 1958, he presided as the Bombay High Court’s Chief Justice. She lost her granddad on February 9th, 1981.

Mehrunissa Dharsi Jivraj was Rohiqa’s grandmother. Her father, Iqbal Chagla, is one of her grandfather’s four grandchildren. Senior counsel for the Bombay High Court is Iqbal Chagal.

He had formerly wed Roshan Chagla in the 1960s. Iqbal Chagla gave birth to their daughter Rohiqa Chagla alongside Roshan. Three times, her father presided over the Bombay Bar Association (an association of lawyers practicing on the Original side of the Bombay High Court).

How did Rohiqa Chagla start her Professional Career?

Despite being the wife of a billionaire, Rohiqa Chagla continued to work as a social worker. She has participated in numerous social work-related campaigns. In 2012, Rohiqa paid a visit to the tribal school while posing as Cyrus Mistry’s wife. Rohiqa Chagla went to the isolated Maharashtrian village of Padsare.

She is a dedicated woman who has maintained her enthusiasm for teaching and educating children. Rohiqa Chagla was deeply moved by the management team’s commitment to the rural school when she visited Padsare. The school team was working hard for the improvement of children despite the subpar conditions they were in.

She used Shapoorji Pallonji & Co. Ltd., her husband’s business, to donate resources to the school. She contributed to the school’s whole overhaul. She donated money for the upkeep of adjacent roads, restrooms, and sources of clean water in addition to classrooms.

Rohiqa Chagla also installed the school’s solar energy system. She accomplished all of this with the assistance of a well-known NGO. After modernizing the outdated school, Rohiqa makes an effort to have the students speaking English. She also assists in planning the kids’ nutritional diet.

Is Rohiqa Chagla Married? Relationship

Cyrus Mistry and Rohiqa Chagla were wed in the year 1992. She gave birth to her two sons while cohabitating with Cyrus. Firoz Mistry and Zahan Mistry are her two sons. In 2001, Firoz Mistry, an elder, was born. Zahan Mistry, her second child, was born in 2003. 2020 will mark Zahan’s graduation from the University of Warwick.

Cyrus Mistry, her spouse, was born on July 4th, 1968 in Mumbai. His citizenship was Irish. Businessman Cyrus Mistry, the son of multibillionaire Pallonji Mistry, was born.

Cyrus’ parents had a history of practicing Iranian Islam. In 1991, the spouse of Rohiqa was appointed as a director of the business owned by his family, Shapoorji Pallonji & Co. In 2012, Cyrus had the privilege of being appointed chair of the Tata Group, in which his grandfather Shapoorji Mistry had purchased an 18.5% interest.

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