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Sam Fenech | Drag Racing Accident: Killed In Willowbank Raceway

Sam Fenech

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Sam Fenech was a racing driver who died on January 7, 2022, while participating at Willowbank Raceway in Brisbane’s west.

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According to ABC, during the New Year Nitro event at Willowbank Raceway on January 7, 2023, a drag racer left the track at high speed and smashed into a camera tower.

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Soon after the event, the Darg racer community began posting memorials to Sam, with many emphasizing the relationships that exist between fans of the sport regardless of team or racing level.

Top Doorslammer Australia, the Australian Top Fuel Championship, and the round at Willowpark’s New Year Nitro event were all postponed owing to an accident.

Currently, police have encouraged the public to avoid the area near Champions Way and to be patient with potential traffic delays.

Sam Fenech’s Drag Racing Mishap

Despite being a good drag racer, Sam died when his vehicle overturned and collided with a camera tower at 320 km/h.

The terrifying video of the aftermath of the incident shows his car scuffing up against the barrier wall before flying off, soaring through the air, and slamming onto the earth in sections.

In social media footage, Sam’s car is shown soaring through the air before colliding with a camera tower alongside the track, killing Fenech and wounding a camera operator.

As soon as the accident occurred, paramedics rushed to save the well-known drag racer, but he was not present.

At Willowbank’s New Year Nitro drag racing competition, the racer competed in the “top fuel dragsters” category.

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Sam Fenech was killed at the Willowbank Raceway.

Sam, a drag racer, was competing in a race at Willowbank Raceway west of Brisbane when he was engaged in a horrible accident that took his life.

According to sources, Sam appeared to lose control of his vehicle, which flipped over the safety barriers, as evidenced by the photos that went viral following the accident.

On January 7, 2023, the late drag racer was competing in a race at Willowbank Raceway west of Brisbane when the disaster occurred.

Sam was driving a Chevrolet Camaro versus Kelvin Lyle, who was driving a Ford Mustang. Shortly before the race, the racer was filmed admiring his automobile.

In addition to his injury, Sam was engaged in a serious mishap in Sydney in 2019 when his Chevy Camaro hit a tire wall.

Queensland Police claimed sources took a camera operator to Brisbane’s Princess Alexandra Hospital with non-life threatening injuries after the car toppled over the safety barriers.

Death and Obituary for Sam Fenech

The Willowbank Raceway revealed Sam’s death on social media.

Top Fuel Racing Australia announced the passing of Sam Fenech, driver of the Fabietti Racing Doorslammer, due to injuries received in a racing accident at Willowbank Raceway, with deep grief.

According to sources, QLD Police is investigating the accident, and the forensic crash unit is working with Workplace Health and Safety. There will be no further public comments.

Sam Fenech’s Drag Racing Mishap

Mr Fenech, a well-known drag racer, died at the scene despite the efforts of paramedics.

Workplace Health and Safety is investigating the incident with the assistance of the Queensland Police Service’s Forensic Crash Unit.

Sam, a drag racer from New South Wales, was survived by his wife Natalie and three children.

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