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Sammy Robinson | Boyfriend Jordan Simi

Sammy Robinson

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Australian beauty influencer Sammy Robinson rose to prominence on social media platforms quite rapidly.

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She has amassed a substantial following on YouTube and Instagram because of the hair and makeup-related videos she posts.

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Because of her love of beauty, Robinson also has a large following. She often posts sit-down and vlog-style videos with her techniques, advice, and teachings.

Among her most popular videos, “Gigi Hadid VMA’s Makeup Look,” is also the one that has garnered her the most followers.

She’s often compared to an international model, thus it makes sense that this video did so well.

She regularly attracts media attention for her personal life in addition to her professional life.

Many people have been curious about Sammy Robinson’s new partner after her recent breakup, but her previous love engagements have drawn a lot of attention.

Is Sammy Robinson dating Jordan Simi in 2023 based on her new boyfriend?

In December 2022, Jordan Simi and Sammy Robinson formally announced their romance.

Simi is a well-known Instagram influencer from Sydney who also has a podcast. He uses acrylic and spray paint on canvases.

The duo made headlines when they were first spotted together in October 2021, and many people started to conjecture about a potential romance.

But since they were biting their lips, they didn’t talk about it. At that point, Sammy ended her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, and she soon began dating Jordan.

According to her fans, she broke up with her boyfriend for Simi. She did clarify, though, that she is not eager to begin dating.

After saying that, the social media celebrity’s fans noticed her hand-in-hand with podcaster Jordan Simi the next month.

The first time Sammy Robinson’s new lover Jordan was seen on social media was back in January. Since they were wearing identical outfits, she called the picture “Matching in Baby Blue.”

Afterward, she sent her spouse another birthday message via her account, writing, “Happy Birthday, Mr.”

Conversely, Jordan never shied away from sharing his affections for his then-lover. Moreover, he used to share pictures of her on social media.

But until they split up in May of last year, they had only dated for a few months.

Robinson removed every photo of Simi from her Instagram profile and banned her.

He took an unexpected step when he made his professional boxing debut in July of last year. According to Simi, he entered the boxing world in a last-ditch effort to win back his former beauty influencer girlfriend.

Robinson had received an invitation to the function, he told The Daily Telegraph. Regretfully, it didn’t seem like they could get her back.

In 2023, Sammy Robinson’s new boyfriend’s identity remained a secret.

Even if the stunning woman could be in a relationship, she doesn’t discuss it on her social media pages.

Sammy Robinson’s Past Relationships

Before she met Jordan Simi, Sammy was in a committed relationship with Nick Wheatley. In 2021, after dating for seven years, they decided to take a break.

It’s possible that she started dating Nick in 2014 or some other year.

In a video that was uploaded on YouTube on October 13, Sammy stated that she and Nick, a real estate agent in Sydney, had ended their seven-year relationship.

She talked about her profession and said she’s moving on and concentrating on it right now.

Viewers immediately witnessed her shaking hands with podcaster Jordan Simi on Bondi Beach, despite her statement that the split had broken her heart.

The beauty blogger is not associated with any other males, although she may have dated a few. Nick is the only one.

IShortly fans can’t wait to find out more about Sammy Robinson’s new beau.

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