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Sanjana Ganesan Age | How Old Is She | Explore Her Relation With Jasprit Bumrah

Sanjana Ganesan

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The question “What is Sanjana Ganesan’s age?” will be asked a lot in 2023. Sanjana Ganesan, who was born in Pune, Maharashtra, on May 6, 1991, will be 32 this year.

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This gorgeous TV host, a Taurus by birth, has a successful career and an intriguing love life with Indian cricketer Jasprit Bumrah. Sanjana Ganesan, a Pune-based anchor, has recently come under the spotlight due to both her professional and personal achievements. One explanation is her union with cricket superstar Jasprit Bumrah from India. But before we do it, let’s continue the story.

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Sanjana Ganesan’s Childhood

Sanjana was raised in Maharashtra’s artistic hub of Pune. She is of Indian heritage and has Taurus as her sun sign. Despite having deep roots in Pune, nothing is known about her early years.

Sanjana Ganesan Professional Career

Sanjana was promoted to anchor because to her personality and aptitude. Not just any anchor, but the recognized representative of the IPL team’s well-liked show, “The Knight Club.” Her professional resume has undoubtedly benefited from this job.

Sanjana Ganesan Age and Personal Life

In 2023, Sanjana Ganesan will be 32 years old. She turned 30 in 2021, which was a turning point in her life. She is a strong female figure in the media industry who is affectionately called “Sanjana.”

The Love Story of Sanjana Ganesan and Jasprit Bumrah

There was a lot of interest in Sanjana and Jasprit Bumrah’s wedding. Many people were intrigued by the courtship and subsequent union of these two distinctive individuals from separate professions.

Public Opinion on Sanjana Ganesan

Sanjana’s popularity beyond just her career accomplishments. She frequently appears in publications like “Famous Birthdays” under the name of. She has also won the public’s affection thanks to her extraordinary stature and eye-catching features.

The First Child of Jasprit Bumrah and Sanjana Ganesan

Sanjana and Jasprit’s first kid was born in September 2023, which is a happy update. This significant accomplishment marked the beginning of a new chapter in their shared life and brought them closer than ever.


To sum up, Sanjana Ganesan’s age could catch some people’s attention, but her story goes beyond numbers. She is a celebrity to watch because of her successful work as an anchor and her fairy-tale romance with Jasprit Bumrah.

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