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Sarah Snook’s Weight Gain Rumors And Her Reaction To Them

Sarah Snook

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Sarah Snook, the star of ‘Succession,’ has risen to prominence with her role as Shiv Roy in the series. However, with celebrity comes the unavoidable conjecture about the star’s appearance.

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People are asking if the actress gained weight after watching recent episodes of ‘Succession.’ So, did she truly gain weight, or was it only the camera perspective that made it appear that way?

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Sarah Snook gained weight?

Female prominent celebrities are under enormous pressure to maintain the “perfect” weight and figure at all times. However, with cameras stationed at every angle, every curve is visible.

Sarah Snook was also questioned about her weight gain after a modest alteration in her shape on the show Succession.’ So much so that, following the weight increase supposition, others began to speculate about her pregnancy.

However, we don’t see any extra weight on her. Furthermore, a slight weight increase or decrease does not diminish Sarah’s talent as an actress.

While she hasn’t explicitly addressed the weight gain allegations, she did make another big statement in the November issue of Vogue Australia, where she graced the cover in a breathtaking red Dior gown.

Snook stated that she would no longer train out and lose weight to look a specific way for a role. Instead, she loudly criticizes the media’s beauty standards for women and fearlessly decides to disobey them.

“I mean, every time you get a role, you’re like, ‘Oh, this one’s the one. I’m going to really work out and become fit and look like the movie star I’d love to become or have a career doing,” she said.

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But things have changed for the actress now that she has broken free from the confines of beauty norms.

She stated,

Can I really be f*cked for adhering to an unattainable beauty standard, which then perpetuates and makes other women unhappy because they believe they can’t achieve something that isn’t actually possible in the first place?

And we couldn’t be more in agreement! While some are concerned about a minor weight gain, Sarah is going about her business, hitting one milestone after another.

However, this does not imply that she is not taking care of herself. She enjoys a good workout, but her approach is unusual.

When you think of an attractive actress’s fitness routine, you might think of yoga, pilates, the gym, or even a simple run, but Sarah’s method may surprise you.

She told Vogue that she keeps in shape by chopping wood in her backyard!

“I’ve been chainsawing and chopping wood to stay in shape,” the Australian model explains.

Nonetheless, Sarah has the audience captivated by the play, and her on-screen performance is superb.

She has also appeared in the films ‘Not Suitable for Children,’ ‘Predestination,’ ‘The Beautiful Lie,’ ‘The Secret River,’ ‘Sisters of War,’ and ‘These Final Hours.’

She has received numerous prizes for her performances, including the Screen Actors Guild and Golden Globe Awards. Needless to say, her booming career is unaffected by the comments about her weight gain.

Furthermore, the actress recently married Dave Lawson, thus Sarah’s life is full of wonderful news.

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