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Shania Twain Disclosed Her Career Decline Due To Lyme Disease

Shania Twain

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Shania Twain has discussed her battle with Lyme disease and its effect on her career. In her new Netflix documentary Not Just A Girl, Twain discusses her struggle with Lyme disease and how it damaged her voice.

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She declared:

“I had vertigo on stage before I was diagnosed… I was losing my balance and was afraid of sliding off the platform.”

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The 56-year-old singer described her symptoms as “very, very, very, little micro blackouts, but continuously, every minute or every 30 seconds.” In 2003, after being bitten by an infected tick while horseback riding in Norfolk, Virginia, Twain was diagnosed with Lyme disease.

Shania Twain has stated that her chronic illness caused her to develop dysphonia, causing her to lose her voice momentarily. She stated that her voice “was never the same again.”

“I believed I had lost my voice permanently. I believed everything was over and that I would never, ever sing again.”

What is Lyme illness exactly? Analyses of Shania Twain’s symptoms

Infected black-legged ticks transmit Lyme disease to humans, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This disorder has the potential to affect the joints, the heart, and the nervous system.

The condition is characterized by increasing fever, headache, extreme tiredness, joint problems, lymph node enlargement, and rashes or ticks. Symptoms of the later stages include migraines, facial palsy, severe arthritis, heart palpitations, and bouts of dizziness.

Lyme disease may cause vocal cord damage, according to the Mayo Clinic, because the inflammation directly affects the voice box. When the nerves in the voice box are damaged, the nerve impulses are further disturbed, leading to paralysis of the vocal cords.

Twain remarked that this prolonged sickness may make it impossible for the affected individual to speak, breathe, or produce sounds.

According to the Mayo Clinic, this condition may also induce choking when swallowing food, making it difficult for the patient to speak out loud.

Additional information regarding Shania Twain’s health

Shania Twain stated on the British talk show Loose Women that she had been in therapy for years before discovering that Lyme illness was harming her singing voice and skills. Shania Twain referred to:

“I once believed I would never sing again… Years were required to determine what was wrong with my voice. It took a professional nearly seven years to determine that the nerve damage to my vocal cords was caused by Lyme disease.

In an interview with The Sun, Twain disclosed that she “felt melancholy” as a result of the illness and its effect on her singing abilities. She stated,

“I also believed I would never record another album, which was likely accurate. It was disastrous. This news devastated me. It did depress me, and I fought it daily.”

Shania continued by describing how her “first passion,” writing, kept her spirits up while she was unable to sing or appear for her fans due to her illness. She declared:

“It was incredibly discouraging, and I was fairly angry, but I still had my writing, which is my first and foremost interest, beyond all else. I had intended to become a writer rather than an actor.”

After the launch of the new Netflix documentary, Shania Twain released for her fans Not Just A Girl – The Highlights, a compilation of all the songs included in the film.

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