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Sohan Jhaveri | 13 Years Old, From Kids Baking Championship

Sohan Jhaveri

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Teen chef, businessman, and owner of the gourmet bakery and dessert restaurant SoJo Kitchen & Co. in Denver is Sohan Jhaveri. Baker, the creator and CEO, has always had a passion for baking and cooking.

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Following his involvement in the Kids Baking Championship Season 11 on Food Network, he has received a lot of media attention. The program is scheduled to debut today, December 26, 2022.

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Twelve gifted child bakers will compete in the current season for the title of Kids Baking Champion and a large prize fund. This time around, Duff Goldman and Valerie Bertinelli are the hosts and judges.

Jhaveri’s parents and family must have totally backed his passion for business for him to start his own company at such a young age. But who are the parents of Sohan Jhaveri? In this article, let’s get to know them better.

Meet Sohan Jhaveri, 13, of the Kids Baking Championship.

Sohan Jhaveri is a chef, businessman, and the creator of SoJo Kitchen & Co., as was already mentioned.

With the full backing of his mother, the eighth-grader is also the youngest member of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce.

According to his company website, Sohan’s passion for mastering traditional baking techniques and becoming a chocolatier prompted him to study and make dessert favorites including macarons, eclairs, other baked products, and chocolates.

The young chef uses odd tastes and mixtures in his creations to merge his love of baking with his South Asian and Indian heritage.

Sohan Jhaveri and other competitors in the 11th season of Kids Baking Championship. (Photo Credit: Food Network)SoJo Kitchen & Company was established with the support of friends and family. In the summer of 2020, when in the middle of the global pandemic, Sohan Jhaveri, at 13 years old, launched the company.

As an artisan baker, Sohan produces everything in tiny amounts. His desserts are all professionally made and chosen for the best flavor, sweetness, and quality. This includes his pastries, bakery items, chocolates, macarons, and other sweets.

Family And Parents Of Sohan Jhaveri

As of 2022, Sohan Jhaveri, who was born in 2009, will be 13 years old. The native of Colorado was greeted by his father, who had not been named, and his mother, Neelima.

Sohan’s mother fully supports all of his endeavors and business endeavors. The mother of the young baker said in an interview that it was all Sohan, who started reading books and watching YouTube videos. He perused the Julia Child book that Neelima had given him.

Furthermore, it appears that Sohan was brought up with his parents’ entrepreneurial attitudes. The young chef mentioned in the same interview that he had been baking and admiring his successful parents at their networking dinners.

Even though Jhaveri’s mother has been his most ardent backer of his startup company, she likes to live a private life. Although she is active on Instagram, her pictures are not public.

Journey of Sohan Jhaveri: He Made His Passion Into A Real Business

Sohan Jhaveri spent a lot of his early years in the kitchen with his grandmother.

He was an avid baker who started experimenting in the kitchen after reading Julia Child’s book and watching YouTube. Sohan finally mastered the macaron after spending several days in the kitchen.

The initial batches were sold to his friends and family. Following that, he began selling his goods on Etsy, and the company kept growing.

Now, Sohan sells macarons online along with other sweets including eclairs, cakes, cupcakes, chocolate, and more.

Sohan also mentioned that he wants to join in order to promote his name, brand, and company.

Even though it can be difficult to juggle employment and study, he manages to do so. Best of luck to him in his future undertakings.

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