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Stephen Boss | Mental Health Before He Killed Himself

Stephen Boss

A well-known dancer and DJ named Stephen “tWitch” Boss passed unexpectedly on Wednesday, startling Hollywood and the country as a whole.

In a statement, Stephen’s wife revealed that he died at the age of 40. He had a recurring role as a popular dancing DJ on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and had previously competed on “So You Think You Can Dance.”

It had just been Stephen and Allison’s tenth wedding anniversary. They have three children: son Maddox, daughter Zaia, and daughter Weslie.

When Did Stephen Boss’ Depression Begin?

Allison, Stephen Boss’ wife, said that he didn’t exhibit any symptoms of depression.

Holker told E! News that she felt compelled to inform them about her husband Stephen’s separation. She disclosed that Stephen Boss made his presence known in every room he entered.

Stephen Boss put a premium on his relationships with his family, friends, and community. He believed that leading with love and the light was everything. She went on to say that he was the center of their family, the finest father and husband, and an example to his admirers.

In one of his speeches, Stephen Boss discussed overcoming challenges. He gave a motivational speech on overcoming obstacles five years before he sadly committed suicide.

He asserted that sometimes individuals would make decisions that wouldn’t be the greatest. He simply takes comfort in the knowledge that it constantly goes on. He said that some kind of power would always exist, even when something seems to be absolutely destructive.

What Happened in the Case of Stephen Boss’ Suicide?

More details have emerged on the tragic death of dancer Stephen Boss, popularly known as “tWitch,” whose body was found in a hotel room about a mile from his Los Angeles estate.

According to a person who talked with N.B.C. News, Boss committed suicide; Holker did not mention the cause of death. For a while, more details were kept under wraps, and N.B.C. News reached out to the coroner and Los Angeles Police Department for comments.

According to TMZ, the 40-year-old former DJ for the Ellen DeGeneres Show died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

According to people with personal information who talked to TMZ on Monday morning, the same day he left his house on foot, Stephen booked into the Oak Tree Inn hotel.

Tuesday, when he still hadn’t left, a maid found his body in the restroom.

There are no signs of “foul play,” an LAPD official informed in regards to Stephen’s tragic passing.

Mental Health of Stephen Boss Prior to his suicide

Stephen Boss checked in under his true name without displaying any outward symptoms of concern or upset, according to staff at the hotel. He had just made a one-night reservation and was only carrying a little suitcase.

When Stephen Boss didn’t return home on Tuesday, his worried wife Allison Holker sped into a neighboring LAPD station to file a missing person’s report. Police responded to a 911 call from the hotel on Tuesday at 11:15. The distance between the hotel and His House is around 15 minutes.

Staff members informed TMZ that no one at the motel heard gunfire when he was staying there. Tuesday, when he still hadn’t left, a maid found his body in the restroom.

Stephen Boss was most recognized for his role as the DJ for the Ellen DeGeneres Show from 2014 until the program’s termination in 2022. He received a hefty pay raise when he was elevated to Executive producer of the program in 2022.

His life spiraled out of control once the program was cancelled and he was unable to find another lucrative employment.

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