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Taib Mahmud | Net Worth And Death Cause

Taib Mahmud

Known by his familiar name Taib Mahmud, Abdul Taib Mahmud was a prominent figure in Sarawakian politics and Malaysian politics in general.

Early in the 1960s, while Sarawak was breaking away to become a part of the newly established Federation of Malaysia, Taib Mahmud started his political career.

However, he was accused of corruption and environmental devastation, so his government was not without controversy.

Beyond politics, Taib Mahmud was a well-known businessman who was rumored to have accumulated substantial riches during his time in office.

Taib Mahmud withdrew from active politics in his later years and became the Governor of Sarawak until his retirement.

According to 2012 reports from groups like the Bruno Manser Fund, he may have had a net worth of at least USD 15 billion.

The main sources of Taib Mahmud’s riches were his varied economic ventures, which included logging, farming, building, and real estate development.

Authorities from several nations are still looking into Taib Mahmud’s financial issues to learn the truth, raising doubts about his net worth.

Given the complexity of his career and the larger problems with corruption and government in Malaysia, his riches and legacy are still the focus of much discussion and examination.

Taib Mahmud’s 2024 Financial Report

After Abdul Taib Mahmud passed away in 2024, important things happened about his estate and finances.

With his passing, Taib Mahmud’s enormous riches and the complex network of assets and business ventures he had amassed over the years came to light once more.

A crucial facet of the financial report for 2024 included the continuous legal disputes and inquiries about Taib Mahmud’s assets.

His children from previous marriages and his wife Toh Puan Raghad Kurdi Taib got entangled in a legal battle over shares and assets in different enterprises.

Authorities in several nations, including Germany, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, have also not stopped looking into Taib Mahmud’s purported financial irregularities and wrongdoing.

These inquiries aimed to clarify the complexity of his financial transactions by determining the extent of his riches and any possible misconduct.

To preserve her husband’s legacy and make sure his desires were followed, she filed police complaints and pursued legal action against accusations of wrongdoing.

Through her words and deeds, Raghad Taib revealed her dedication to Taib Mahmud’s welfare and her will to protect his name in the face of constant criticism and controversy.

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