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Tathya Patel Family | Father Pragnesh Patel And Mother Mrs Patel

Tathya Patel

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If thrilling and thrilling information is what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place. Explore the fascinating world of the Patel family to learn the real story behind their actions and the events that have caught the public’s attention.

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The parents of Tathya Patel are Pragnesh Patel and Mrs. Patel

In Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, Tathya Patel hails from a well-to-do, powerful family of developers and builders. His father, Pragnesh Patel, is a well-known real estate investor with a large portfolio. Regretfully, Pragnesh’s reputation has been harmed by several criminal situations, such as claims of gang rape, criminal intimidation, extortion, fraud, and attempted murder.

The family’s standing in society has declined due to these legal troubles, which have also damaged their reputation. Tathya’s mother, Mrs. Patel, is a homemaker who resides with her son in the lavish bungalow in Ahmedabad’s Gota area that they refer to as “Hare Shanti.” Mrs. Patel has had to deal with her husband’s legal issues while trying to maintain their normal life, even though the family is wealthy.

The Patels are currently dealing as a family with the consequences of their decisions and the attention that their past has received in the media. Tathya’s future remains uncertain while the legal process progresses and his family’s reputation is at stake.

the Tathya Patel Mishap

That fateful night, Tathya Patel was driving his SUV with his friends inside. He drove too fast and lost control of it, resulting in a horrific collision. The incident near the ISKCON bridge in Ahmedabad claimed nine lives and injured many more. Tathya was injured and brought to the Ahmedabad CIMS hospital to receive medical care. Tathya’s father, Pragnesh Patel, rushed to the scene after hearing about the event and was shocked to see people striking his child.

He hurried Tathya to a private hospital and called the local police to report the incident as quickly as he could. Despite Tathya’s notorious attitude and history of criminal accusations, Pragnesh stood up for his son and denied any involvement in any crime. But claims surfaced that Pragnesh used his influence to make sure his son departed the scene of the accident that night.

Due to the occurrence, Tathya Patel has come under fire, with many questioning his and his family’s actions. Apart from claiming the lives of innocent individuals, the tragedy also dashed the dreams and ambitions of those affected. Speaking out about what transpired that awful night was Armaan’s anguished father, one of the victims.

He talks about how his kid died trying to save others injured in another car accident. The occurrence has deeply impacted the families of the victims and are currently looking for justice and answers in the wake of the awful accident.

Allegations and Charges Against Tathya Patel

FIR was lodged following a fatal accident against Tathya Patel and his father. Tathya Patel and his father, Pragnesh Patel, were charged with criminal intimidation under Section 506 of the Indian Penal Code. They were also charged with careless vehicle operation, which is against Section 279 of the IPC. They were also accused of grievous bodily harm by behavior endangering life under Section 338 IPC.

A guilty homicide that did not qualify as murder was their most serious charge (Section 304 IPC). When the father and son were involved in an accident, the three girls in Tathya’s Jaguar car were also taken into custody by the police, who moved swiftly. To guarantee that the victims obtain justice as soon as possible, the case will be handled in a fast-track court.

Among the witnesses police gathered to piece together the series of events leading up to the bridge tragedy were the three females from the automobile. Chief Minister Patel met with senior police personnel to devise methods to stop overspeeding incidents across the country in the future. Given that the majority of the casualties were youthful foreign tourists, their relatives pushed for severe punishment for the perpetrators.

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