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Terry Crews Wife Illness, Rebecca King Battled With Cancer

Terry Crews

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Rebecca King and Terry Crews have been married for more than 33 years; they have five children and a granddaughter.

But in 2020, when Rebecca was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer, the pair was terrified. The 57-year-old lady, who had breast reduction surgery, did fine.

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King operates her own firm and is an entrepreneur. Her online shop, rebeccacrews.com, features a variety of footwear, handbags, jeans, tuxedos, and cosmetics.

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America’s Got Talent host Terry Crews is also a well-known actor and former American football player.

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The wife of Terry Crews, Rebecca King, has beat cancer and is doing great as of the year 2022.

In early 2020, during the height of the pandemic, King was told that she had breast cancer.

She underwent a double mastectomy to remove both breasts two weeks after her diagnosis to stop the cancer from spreading.

Rebecca has been cancer-free for over two and a half years now. Her spouse and children are completely behind her.

Terry has said in interviews that he takes pleasure in taking care of his sick wife Rebecca at home.

Rebecca’s singing career has included multiple single releases under the name Regina Madre. Her most recent publication, “Reachin’ for the Top,” came after she had successfully battled an illness.

Terry Crews’s Wife: More Information Sarah King

Singer-songwriter Rebecca King has served as a church music minister.

When King met her future husband, Terry Crews, she was a single mother. They first met at a church, and both of them were originally from Michigan.

In his book, “Manhood: How to Be a Better Man — Or Just Live with One,” Terry writes that he and his future wife, Rebecca, met while they were both attending college.

When Terry and her pals went to a church in Michigan, Rebecca was there playing the keyboard.

The artist, who performed under the stage name Regina Madre, was shortlisted for SoulTracks’ Best New Artist award.

Rebecca has 89K followers on Instagram with the handle @therealrebeccakingcrews. Terry Crews, her spouse, also has a massive Instagram following of 9.3 million people under the handle @terrycrews.

Because of his concerns and the fact that Rebecca was three years older than him and a single parent, he was hesitant to start dating her at first.

But after their first date, he fell for her and figured everything would work out. On July 29, 1989, the couple tied the knot.

There were definitely difficult times in their marriage. Terry’s confession to Rebecca about his pornography addiction was the final straw that caused their marriage to end.

After the news broke in 2010, Rebecca distanced herself from Crews for a while. However, she came back once Terry completed treatment for his addiction.

The lovely pair has been married for 33 years, and throughout that time they have grown very content with one another and are making the most of their life.

Naomi, Azriel, Wynfrey, and Tera are the names of four of Crews and King’s daughters, while Isaiah is the name of their only son.

The Crews’ daughter Naomi has given birth to a granddaughter, Miley. Rebecca’s daughter from a previous relationship, Naomi, was born in 1989.

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