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Theresa Timmons Car Accident Linked To Serious Injury: Vladislav Saban Died In Accident

Theresa Timmons

The neighborhood is in shock following Theresa Timmons’ vehicle tragedy. This unanticipated tragedy has spurred a flood of support for her recovery.

Cold Spring native Theresa Timmons, 16, rose to fame after her untimely death in an automobile accident.

Theresa, who works at Homestyle Dessert’s Bakery and Creamery in Peekskill and Cold Spring, is characterized as lovely, kind, and compassionate.

A Car Accident Including Theresa Timmons Caused Serious Injuries

The tragedy of Theresa Timmons’ car accident has shattered the tight-knit community of Cold Spring and Haldane High School.

Since the tragedy on December 15, Theresa, who is only 16 years old and well-known for her kind demeanor, has received a lot of support and attention.

The circumstances of the incident make for a horrifying tale. Theresa was a passenger in an automobile accident that resulted in significant injuries to several persons.

The accident on Albany Post Road in Cortlandt disrupted Theresa’s and those close to her customary Friday night routine.

Theresa was carefully removed from the car by emergency response teams, which included Peekskill EMS, the Garrison, and Continental Village Fire Departments.

The reaction from the community has been prompt and sincere. To help Theresa’s family with the high medical costs she had during her treatment, a GoFundMe campaign was started.

The effort aims to lessen the financial burdens Theresa’s family is facing at this difficult time by collecting donations and social media shares. It represents the collective compassion of friends, family, and well-wishers.

Friend of Theresa Timmons

16 Years Old, Died in Accident Theresa Timmons, 16 Years Old, and student Vladislav Saban, 17, both died in the horrific collision on Albany Post Road in Cortlandt.

In a race against time, the emergency response teams—which included Peekskill EMS, the Garrison, and Continental Village Fire Departments—worked to free the victims from the crash.

Saban was tragically declared dead on the spot, leaving the community grieving deeply despite their heroic attempts.

Everyone was surprised by Vladislav’s unexpected death. He was a popular and well-known student at Haldane High School. Bereaved friends, teachers, and neighbors mourn the loss of a life too soon.

The focus now turns to Theresa Timmons as the community rallies behind her and offers prayers for her recovery.

As the investigation progresses, the town struggles with collective grief in the tragic aftermath of the catastrophe.

With aching hearts, they gather to pay tribute to Vladislav Saban’s beloved memory.

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