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Thomas Partey | Arrested For Rape Case

Thomas Partey

A professional footballer from Ghana named Thomas Partey. For the English club Arsenal and the Ghanaian national team, he is a defensive midfielder.

Partey started his professional career with Atletico Madrid’s development program in 2011.

He made his club’s senior debut in 2015. Since then, he has established himself as a crucial cog in the Atletico Madrid midfield, helping the side win La Liga and the UEFA Europa League, among other titles.

He has made a name for himself on the club because of his tenacity, tenacity, and aggressiveness in the middle of the field.

Is Arsenal’s Star In Jail After Thomas Partey Scandal? Indicted in a Rape Case

A star for Arsenal, Thomas Partey, was reportedly accused of rape in 2022 by Sara Bella, his ex-girlfriend.

The unsettling claim is that Partey was exempted from Arsenal’s preseason schedule in Germany because he had personal problems to attend to.

The 29-year-old Ghanaian player was falsely accused of rape by his Moroccan girlfriend Sara Bella.

Partey’s Moroccan girlfriend Sara Bella is said to have accused the Arsenal star of rape after he turned down the opportunity to walk her down the aisle.

However, Partey has resumed her social media activity despite receiving criticism on July 28 over fresh rape claims.

The lady accused the Ghanaian midfielder of attempted rape and sexual harassment on Twitter on Thursday night under the handle @deffonotchaur.

She said that the sexual assault happened after Partey convinced her to take a vacation to Ibiza, Portugal.

She alleges that Partey sexually abused her on June 19, 2017, as she was dozing off and traveling with the Ghanaian foreigner.

According to reports, the Arsenal player only escaped punishment because the day she was sexually assaulted while traveling with him occurred ten days before a change in UK law that granted UK Police agencies control over crimes committed overseas.

Thomas Partey’s Family Life: Inside

Thomas Partey was born in Accra, Ghana, as the youngest of his parents’ five children. There isn’t much information available about his family in the media because of his propensity to keep his life private.

The fact that Godfred Partey, his older sibling, also plays football professionally and is a member of the Ghanaian Premier League is known, though.

In March 2022, Partey converted to Islam due to his Moroccan lover Sara Bella.

While he continued to use the name Thomas Partey legally and professionally, it was stated that Thomas had changed his first name to Yakubu as part of his religious conversion in June.

He then said that he had changed it back to Thomas, though.

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Not to mention, Partey was appointed chief of the Manya Krobo people by their monarch Sakite II in June 2022 as a prize for leading the team to the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification at the cost of neighboring Nigeria.

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