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Timothy Weah Net Worth And Salary Revealed | Age And Family

Timothy Weah

Timothy Weah plays soccer professionally in America. Weah is a forward who has played for club and nation. Timothy’s childhood soccer career rapidly garnered recognition for his talent. He developed his talent at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG)’s development academy in 2014.

As the first American-born PSG player in Ligue 1, Weah made his senior debut in March 2018. Timothy Weah has played for the US international team. He earned his U.S. senior debut in a friendly against Paraguay in March 2018.

Timothy Weah’s Salary and Net Worth

Timothy Weah’s current market worth is €12.00 million (about $13.6 million) as of 2022, according to Transfermarkt, a website that analyzes soccer player transfer prices. Lille would likely collect this sum if they sold him. Since joining Lille from Paris Saint-Germain in 2019 for €10.00 million (approximately $11.3 million), his worth has improved dramatically.

His peak market value was €15.00 million (approximately $17 million) in December 2021. Lille player Timothy Weah’s salary is unknown, although he presumably makes a good living. Timothy Weah makes around £1.2 million (approximately $1.6 million) per year at Lille, according to Salary Sport, a website that assesses soccer player earnings. This implies he makes £23,000 (about $31,000) every week or £3,300 (about $4,400) per day.

Timothy Weah’s net worth is the sum of his soccer earnings, endorsements, investments, and personal possessions. It is difficult to quantify Timothy Weah’s net worth without knowing his particular financial data, however, he is financially comfortable and has a positive net worth.

Timothy Weah Age Is He Old?

Timothy was born in Brooklyn on February 22, 2000. He turned 23 in 2023. Timothy Weah joined the Paris Saint-Germain Academy in 2014 after playing for Florida and New York junior clubs. Timothy debuted with PSG in 2018, earning two Ligue 1 championships and a Trophée des Champions. He was loaned to Celtic in 2019 and won the Scottish Premiership and Cup.

Weah joined Lille in 2019, where he has been a starter and helped the team win another Ligue 1 title and Trophée des Champions in 2021. Fast, skilled, and flexible, Timothy Weah can play forward or wing. He’s recognized for dribbling, finishing, and work rate.

Timothy Weah Family Info

Timothy was born in NYC to George and Clar Weah. He is the son of Liberian President George Weah, a former footballer. George, born in Monrovia, Liberia, played for top clubs in France, Italy, and England. George became Liberia’s president in 2018 after retiring from sports. The mother of Timothy, Clar Weah, is likewise successful. First Lady of Liberia Clar Marie Duncan is a Jamaican-American entrepreneur, philanthropist, advocate, and former Clar Marie Duncan.

Timothy has two elder siblings, George Jr. and Tita. George Weah Jr., born August 27, 1987, played soccer like his father. Midfielder, he last played for La Chaux-de-Fonds. Unfortunately, nothing is known about Timothy’s sister. Maybe she wanted to keep her personal life private.

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