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Tom Curren Wife Maki Curren, Where Is His Ex Marie Curren

Maki Curren

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Tom Curren’s wife Maki is a wonderful person who is always there to encourage her husband. Tom gained recognition for his classy demeanor and technical skill on the water.

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Tom Curren, an American surfer, is regarded as one of the all-time greats of the sport and withdrew from professional surfing. He was born in Santa Barbara, California, on July 3, 1964.

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He started surfing professionally at the age of 17. He made a name for himself in the surfing world quite quickly, winning his first world title in 1985.

Throughout his career, Curren took home three world titles in addition to several other surfing competition victories throughout the globe.

He was widely known for his versatility and success in a range of surf conditions, from little waves to massive swells.

Curren was also highly renowned for his inventive wave-riding methods, which included his trademark “cutback” and ability to “backside” waves.

His technique was often described as “poetic” and “beautiful,” and he was praised for his elegance and fluidity on the waves.

Maki Curren, Tom Curren’s wife

Maki Curren is the spouse of Tom Curren. Other than her name, Tom has not revealed any other details about her.

Tom has included Maki in a number of his games. Tom has sometimes made appearances in his games with Maki, his wife.

Tom is paddling, and Maki has joined him on a bodyboard. The masses made it challenging to locate sound waves.

The couple is blessed with two sons, Francis and Patrick.

The pair seemed to be very much in love with one another. Since Tom and Marie first divorced, Maki has supported him through everything.

Marie Curren is where? Tom Curren’s former spouse

Tom Curren is a married man twice. His ex-wife’s name is Marie Curren. Further details on Marie’s current location are needed.

He met Marie, a young French lady, by coincidence in 1981 at the Santa Barbara Channel Islands Surf Shop. On April 26, 1983, they were married in Australia.

Lee-Ann and Nathan were the couple’s two children before they moved to the Basque region of France.

Following their 1993 divorce from Marie, the regular footer had a dreadful phase.

Following their divorce, Tom wed Maki, and it is unknown what became of Marie.

The two were wed for more than a decade. Tom has simply disclosed Marie’s name; no further details have been disclosed. She has to let us know where she is and what she is doing right now.

Family of Tom Curren

Tom Curren is the son of Pat and Jeanie Curren, respectively.

Tom Curren’s father is Pat Curren, a former surfing star and pioneer of the current age of the sport.

The older Curren started surfing when he was eighteen years old and lived in California.

In 1955, Curren moved to Hawaii in order to surf the larger waves on the island of Oahu’s North Shore.

He still shaped surfboards in the same way that he did in California, but the bigger waves there required a different board shape.

Curren’s inventions, called Elephant Guns, traveled very fast and had more rocker or bend than standard boards since they were designed for surfing the biggest waves.

In 1961, Pat Curren wed surfer Jeanine. A year later, the two of them traveled to Santa Barbara, California.

Pat became a professional surfer, dived for abalone, and created bikinis for Jeanine’s store while Jeanine ran a bikini boutique.

Tom Curren, their first child, was in the water almost from the moment he could walk, having been born in 1964. Tom is the elder brother of Joe and Anna Curren.

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