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Tomi Arayomi | Wikipedia And Age

Tomi Arayomi

After accepting the Lord Jesus at the age of 15, Prophet Tomi Sylvester Arayomi started his profession as a pastor for Foundation Faith Church at the age of 16.

Arayomi served as a preacher while studying law at the University of Hertfordshire. He also launched more than 10 congregations on university campuses around the United Kingdom.

On November 13, 2010, Drs. Bill Hamon and Sharon Stone commissioned Tomi under Christian International, where he is currently one of the group’s visionary leaders, in honor of his apostolic and prophetic anointing.

Arayomi is the author of 10 captivating novels in addition to serving as Dr. Sharon Stone’s co-pastor at My Church Windsor. “My Church” is a thriving Christian congregation that was established in the heart of Windsor, England, in 2016.

Age And Wikipedia For Tomi Arayomi

Because Tomi Arayomi’s Wikipedia page is not yet active and has not been made, it is difficult for fans to get his Wikipedia information.

There are several websites that describe Tomi Arayomi’s life background and accomplishments, despite the fact that he does not have a Tomi Arayomi Wikipedia page.

The motivational Prophet Tomi Arayomi launched RIG Nation Television. a television network that broadcasts Christian content worldwide and regularly has anointed preachers.

The prophet co-directs Prophetic Voice TV with Dr. Sharon Stone, a network whose mission is to show common people how to regularly hear from God. Daily updates are made to Facebook.

The prophet Tomi Arayomi was born on January 7, 1987, despite the lack of a Wikipedia page for him. At this time, Arayomi is 36 years old.

Officials in government, including the United Nations, where Prophet Tomi is frequently welcomed, have acknowledged his office for prophetic ministry on a worldwide level due to his reputation for having a prophetic anointing.

He is a highly sought-after Prophet since he has correctly prophesied the destiny of several nations.

Arayomi is also the founder and leader of Tomi Arayomi Ministries, a mobile international ministry. Tomi believes that God has called him to edify countries through the prophetic word. He demonstrates this with the aid of his mobile worldwide ministry.

The prophet could gain notoriety in the future, and Wikipedia administrators might build a Tomi Arayomi Wikipedia page highlighting his accomplishments and age.

Arrest of Tomi Arayomi

Tomi Arayomi, an apostle of the Restoring Isaachers Generation (RIG), and his wife Tahmar Arayomi are rumored to have been arrested upon arriving at the Abuja airport.

A man called Emmanuel was seized along with the other two, Persecondnews reports. For a mission to the Federal Capital Territory that was scheduled to commence at 5:00 p.m. on April 7th, the party arrived at the airport at 10:20 a.m.

Sources learned that when they arrived, they were pulled away and their phones were taken, though the cause for their incarceration was not immediately evident.

Despite the fact that the cause of their imprisonment is unknown, speculation suggests that it is unrelated to a prophesy he made years before the general election of 2023, which many believe would have upset the ruling All Progressive Congress, or APC.

The DSS has not yet made an announcement confirming or disputing the arrest or outlining the reasons behind it.

His twin brother Tobi Arayomi made this announcement at midday on his Instagram account, @tobiarayomi. Tobi believes that Department of State Services officials held him as a result of what he claims were political predictions made by his brother.

After around 40 minutes, Tobi posted a picture of his brother and his wife on Instagram to herald their release.

Pastor Tomi was slated to attend a program on April 7 at his church’s Abuja location, according to information gleaned from his official Facebook page.

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