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Tony Gonzalez | Wife | Relationship

Tony Gonzalez

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Tony Gonzalez, a former NFL player and sports broadcaster, is well-known for his connections in addition to his athletic abilities. Tony’s former connection with Lauren Sanchez, Jeff Bezos’ current fiancée, kept him in the public eye for quite some time.

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Followers of the former player on social media may be aware that he lives happily with his girlfriend and children. People who just know him as a footballer, on the other hand, maybe curious about his wife. So, who exactly is Tony Gonzalez’s wife? Let’s also take a closer look at their marriage.

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Wife of Tony Gonzalez – How’s His Marriage Going?

Tony Gonzalez, a 44-year-old former NFL player, has been in a long-term relationship with October Gonzalez. The couple wedded almost a decade ago, but they only legally married in 2019. Tony resides in Huntington, California, with his wife, October, and their three children.

On July 20, 2007, Tony and October wedded in a commitment ceremony. Following their marriage, they had two children. Malia Gonzalez, their first child, was born shortly after their marriage.

River Gonzalez, their second child, was born about two years later. Aside from that, the couple has adopted a daughter called Sophia Gonzalez, who will turn five on December 10, 2019.

Tony has another son from his connection with Lauren Sanchez, Nikko Gonzalez. Lauren is currently engaged to the richest man ionthe planet, Jeff Bezos.

Everything from their first date to their first meeting

They met at Dennis Rodman’s pub, where October was working as a waitress. In Tony’s podcast about their first encounter, October stated that he was “kinda hiding in the back” when she first noticed him. She stated that as she chatted to him, she felt at peace and at comfortable with him, and they immediately felt as if they’d known each other for years.

Meanwhile, Tony claimed that he asked her out on their first date, which she refuted. refused to request her number, but she didn’t give it to him; instead, she took his. October stated that she was dating another man at the time and hence did not call Tony.

A year passed, but the pair never spoke again, despite Tony’s frequent visits to the restaurant. One night, a mutual acquaintance named Doug contacted Tony and informed him that Tobie (October) was single.

Tony stated that he was at a Hollywood club when Doug phoned, and tat he immediately drove to the club, which was approximately an hour and 20 minutes away, with his pals.

When Tony arrived at the airport, October was in the parking lot, prepared to depart. They conversed for almost an hour before he asked her out. The couple began dating, but Tony stated that they had been dating on and off for around three years.

Tony Was a Fan of October’s Singing

After around three years of on-again, off-again dating, the pair eventually decided to take things seriously. Tony said in his podcast that he fell in love with his wife after hearing her perform in a club. He told the story while they were in a pub with one of October’s friends, Stephanie.

Then October stood up and began singing “Let’s Hear it for Ite Boy.” Tony felt she was the one for him at the time. October went on to say that Tony phoned her a few days later and invited her to spend 10 days with him in Kansas. She went on to remark that it was the first time they had spent so much time together.

Tony Gonzalez and October during their dating days in Hawaii

During their relationship days, Tony Gonzalez and October were in Hawaii. Source: I nstagram@octobergonzalez

Tony informed her one day during October’s stay in Kansas that he didn’t want her to go. In answer, she stated, “I know, I anna go.” Then October moved to Kansas and began living with Tony, and the rest is history.

Tony had Bell’s Palsy before they married.

In 2007, the former Kansas City Chiefs tight end suffered from Bfroms Palsy, a kind of facial paralysis. Meanwhile, Tony was still fighting the condition when he decided to propose to October, his then-girlfriend. Tony said to Entertainment Tonight that he got down on one knee while his face was immobilized.

On the other hand, October imitated Tony’s immobilized look when he said, “I love you, will you marry me?” Here’s a video of October doing her Tony imitation. Examine it out.

On her husband’s podcast, October stated that they were engaged, married, bought a house, and became pregnant with their first kid all in the same year, 2007.

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