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Tunisha Sharma And Sheezan Khan Relationship, Did They Date

Tunisha Sharma

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The investment authority is making an effort to examine every possible circumstance related to her passing. She was declared dead on the way to the hospital.

The shocking news of Tunisha Sharma’s passing has traveled across the outlet, so many of her followers may be aware of her death, which was determined to be a suicide.

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Sheezan Khan, who is also her co-star, was reportedly held recently for the same reason. Despite there being no proof to support the assertion, many people think the two were dating.

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Outside of India, fans appreciate watching the well-known actors Tunisha and Sheezan deliver unforgettable performances. However, because of the incident, they are currently included in the highlight news, and the truth will soon surface.

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Relationship Between Tunisha Sharma and Sheezan Khan

Sheezan’s sister Falaq Naaz posted a video to Instagram to clarify her statement that Tunisha and Sheezan’s breakup was the product of “mutual understanding.”

A few weeks before Sheezan being discovered dead on the set of their TV show, Tunisha, and Sheezan had broken up.

In response to the accusations made against them by the family of the late actress Tunisha Sharma, the accused Sheezan Khan’s family held a news conference on Monday.

The question of whether Tunisha and Sheezan had broken up before her demise was brought up during the press conference.

In response to the accusations, Sheezan’s sister Falaq Naaz said in a video posted on her Instagram page that the breakup had taken on a “tone of mutual understanding.”

Falaq added that the press conference was “chaotic” and that the story had been exaggerated since there were so many reporters posing questions to them.

“Just to clear the air, our press conference today was so crazy that I feel the need to explain it here,” the video’s title stated. Sheezan and Tunisha Sarma must receive justice.

During the press conference, Sheezan’s family members also charged Tunisha’s mother, Vinita Sharma, with abandoning her daughter when she was dealing with mental health issues.

The First Information Report in the case, according to NDTV, stated that Tunisha and Sheezan were dating but had broken up fifteen days before. Tunisha became tense as a result.

Regrettably, little information could be retrieved because an inquiry into Tunisha Sharma and Sheezan Khan’s relationship is ongoing.

Arrest and Charge of Sheezan Khan

Since Sheezan Khan is suspected of being responsible for the death of his co-star Tunisha Sharma, the police have officially declared his arrest.

Concerns regarding the developments that have occurred since this arrest are widespread. It is thought that he encouraged or aided Tunisha’s suicide.

He may have been detained by the Police, who will submit him for further legal action on Monday to conclude the case with the available evidence and supporting details.

Since the investigation and inquiry are continuing, accurate information hasn’t yet come to light, but it might soon thanks to media coverage.

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