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Update On Kenny Pickett’s Health | Will The Steelers Quarterback Play Today

Kenny Pickett

In the National Football League (NFL), the Pittsburgh Steelers are home to renowned American football quarterback Kenneth Shane Pickett.

Before joining the NFL, Kenny played college football at the University of Pittsburgh.

The quarterback was selected by the Steelers in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft, and in his last season of competition, he won the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award.

How Did Kenny Pickett Get Hurt?
Ben Roethlisberger had to exit Sunday’s game against the Buccaneers after being struck by Tampa Bay defender Devin White with 7:24 left in the third quarter.

He went to the locker room after collapsing to get more medical attention; as a result, he was unable to return to the field for the third drive.

According to reports, Kenny was given the go-ahead to restart the game and onto the field for Pittsburgh’s subsequent drive.

Linebacker Devin White of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers reportedly hit Kenny hard when he was trying a ball midway through the third quarter of Pittsburgh’s Week 6 game.

After the accident, he suffered a concussion, and the game was abandoned for him. Kenny Pickett’s enthusiasm helped the Steelers in their Week 6 game against the Buccaneers, but the first-round pick has since sustained an injury.

They did better than his opponent, Tom Brady, before being forced to exit the game due to an injury. The quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers outperformed Tom Brady before being injured and leaving the game.

Nicholas Pickett Is the quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers active?

The youngster for Pittsburgh was still able to leave the field on his own despite the incident. He went to the blue medical tent and then the locker room after the big impact.

In the Steelers locker room, as I emerged from the medical tent, Pittsburgh had a 13-12 lead over Tampa Bay.

According to Sporting News, the quarterback decided to leave the game after being evaluated for a concussion in the sideline medical tent. The Steelers later revealed this information.

The good news is that Mike Tomlin announced on Tuesday that Pickett will be allowed to practice even though he is still in the concussion protocol.

Which quarterback the Miami Dolphins will face in this weekend’s Sunday Night Football matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers is still up in the air.

What happened to Kenny Pickett?

The Steelers later declared Pickett ineligible after placing him in the concussion protocol. Before getting wounded, Keeny rushed the ball five times, according to sources.

Trubisky, the Steelers’ season-opening starting quarterback, was replaced by Pickett in the middle of Week 4 against the Jets when Kenny suffered an injury.

Additionally, it appears like Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett is still bothered by the left leg injury he suffered in the third quarter of their game against the New Orleans Saints.

Kenny appeared injured after being sacked by Roquan in the first quarter.

Pittsburgh’s quarterback came down hard on the play. The quarterback practically drove his shoulder into the ground as he stumbled off the field.

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