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V Shred Scandal: Is It A Scam? Controversy Explained

V Shred Scandal

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Scams are volatile on the internet; V Shred Scandal is a fitness brand accused of fraud trending that captivated viewers’ attention for a data breach.

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V Shred is a renowned Las Vegas-based fitness Company focusing on diets, quick workouts, and supplements.

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The Company claims to have customers in 119 countries, 12 million unique website visitors each month, and more than 40,000 students enrolled in their University program.

The data dump involving an insecure AWS S3 bucket that exposed the personal information of at least 99,000 people was made public in 2022 by the research team of vpnMentor, under the direction of Noam Rotem and Ran Locar.

On June 1, V Shred replied to the research team through Amazon customer service. A team member of V Shred denied a problem with the exposure of PII during a conversation between the Company and researchers.

V Shred Scandal: Is It A Scam?

Customers of V shred who have already criticized VShred in the past are suddenly making “Stop VShred” videos in unison.

V Shred was the owner of the Company materials kept in the bucket after the incorrectly configured bucket was reported to V Shred and AWS on May 18 and May 20, respectively.

Customers of V shred who have already criticized VShred in the past are suddenly making “Stop VShred” videos in unison.(Source: Melmagazine)

1.3 million files totaling 606GB of data were originally in the bucket, which customers found on May 14. There were three files in all. Particularly important CSV files included those that seemed to be lead generation lists, client email lists, and trainer lists.

Several media claims V Shred, a marketing Company with hundreds of employees, sells “weight loss pills” and other “supplements” with wild and unsubstantiated claims and intentionally targets beginners who don’t know better.

The enormous. The CSV file, which held tens of thousands of V Shred customers’ PII was 180MB.

The files contained information about all the customers, including names, home addresses, email addresses, dates of birth, certain Social Security numbers, usernames and passwords for social media accounts, age ranges, genders, and citizenship status.

V Shred Controversy Explained

As per the articles trending on the internet, VShred for selling data of his valuable customers, including personal and vital details.

ATHLEAN-X has regularly ribbed him for teaching bad/dangerous exercises and stealing their content since at least three years ago.

Consumer reached out to Vin Sant and SCULPTnation for an interview on multiple occasions via the info available on the Contact section of the SCULPTnation website and via his personal account at VShred. (Source: Melmegazine)

One Reddit user commented that a guy called Josh Brett recently published a well-researched exposé video on V Shred, which motivated all legitimate fitness Youtubers to highlight it to their viewers.

The owner added V Shred several times, first with them stealing material from other channels and later with their terrible and potentially dangerous advice.

ZDNet verified the open bucket, and numerous resources remain open and accessible, ranging from Company materials to diet guides, workout plans, and user photos.

Why Is V Shred Scandal Trending?

Several media claims the V Shred scandal is trending after customers claimed a data leak exposed PII and sensitive photos of fitness customers and trainers.

The fitness center Company only partially resolved the issue by defending the open bucket’s public status.

V Shed, the Fitness brand, exposed the personally identifiable information (PII) of over 99,000 consumers and trainers, according to Znet, and still needs to appropriately and completely fix the database leak.

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