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Viorenita Sutanto Wikipedia And Age | How Old Is The Gamer

Viorenita Sutanto

Viorenita Sutanto has successfully attracted the interest of Mobile Legends enthusiasts. This rising talent has received considerable exposure as the brand ambassador for the prestigious ONIC Esports team.

The presence of Nitavior has captivated Esports fans, particularly male fans who admire her stunning appearance and alluring personality.

It’s fascinating to observe the number of rumors linking Nitavior to REKT, a well-known Evos Legends player.

The gaming community is inquisitive and intrigued by the developing relationship between these two characters. Read this article for information about Viorenita Sutanto’s Wikipedia page and age.

How old is Viorenita Sutanto, according to her Wikipedia page?

Details about Viorenita Sutanto’s Wikipedia page and biography are widely available online. She is from Jakarta, Indonesia.

Viorenita Susanto, also known online as Nitavior, was born on July 26, 1999, in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Currently, she is 24 years of age. She received her Bachelor of Science in finance and banking from Prasetya Mulya University. Nitavior adheres to the Catholic faith.

Nitavior, a native of Jakarta, has blended Indonesian and South Korean ancestry.

Her multicultural upbringing may have contributed to her extraordinary beauty, which has won the affection of Esports enthusiasts, particularly male followers.

Indonesian Mobile Legends: Bang Bang player who is well-known on social media. She was a member of the ONIC Esports team.

On her Violetorca TikTok account, where she performs dance routines, she has garnered over 3.5 million followers. Before beginning to compete in esports, she was a commercial model.

She has accumulated over 600,000 subscribers on her Nitavior YouTube channel, where she publishes gaming-related videos. She was mentioned in an article on One Esports about toxic online communities.

Due to her strong social media presence, her most recent TikTok video frequently receives hundreds of millions of views in less than a day.

Several of her TikTok videos have garnered millions of views. Another Indonesian esports competitor is Rivaldi Fatah.

Career Specifics And Scandal Rumors Regarding Viorenita Sutanto

Nitavior gained widespread recognition after joining the ONIC Esports team. Her participation in this prominent Esports organization catapulted her into the public eye. Nitavior also relishes playing the popular game Mobile Legends.

A video that has garnered immense online popularity and gone viral has created a storm encircling Nitavior. Numerous Internet users are presently viewing this video because it is currently popular.

The scandal’s particulars generate a great deal of interest and discussion among curious online users.

People frequently desire additional information about the content of online videos they view. In this particular instance, the video contained explicit content.

In addition to her prowess in video games, Nitavior is active on Instagram under the handle @nitavior.

Her Instagram account, which has a substantial following of 1.4 million users, contains 42 posts. If you follow her account, there will be a lot of content to interact with and peruse through.

However, it is challenging for social media users to uncover Nitavior’s video without learning how to search for it. In contrast to previous videos, this one has not been promoted via social media.

There are only a handful of websites that contain explicit content. As a result, people’s alternatives are limited, making it difficult for them to escape the situation.

The Nitavior video has generated lively discussion on numerous social media sites. People are using hashtags related to the video, which is generating significant interest.

Users actively partake in spirited discussions, convey their ideas, and demand accountability from those in conflict.

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