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Vladimir Makei’s Cause Of Death | How Did The Foreign Minister Of Belarus Pass Away

Vladimir Makei

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Belarusian politician Vladimir Makei was in charge of directing the nation’s foreign affairs. Makei worked as the ministry’s secretary for the offices of the Minister, State Protocol Service, Analysis and Forecast, and Information and Humanitarian Cooperation.

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He served as a counselor in the Belarusian embassy in Paris between 1996 and 1999. Additionally, he spoke for Belarus at the Council of Europe.

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He also served as Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus’s chief of staff’s assistant from 2008 to 2012.

On August 20, 2012, he was appointed foreign affairs minister. German, Russian, and Belarusian were among Makei’s other three languages.

Makei stated at a meeting of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during the 2020 Belarusian demonstrations that anyone who disagreed with the government’s position should leave the division.

He also prohibited the personnel from taking part in protests. Within a week, two employees who made a picket using pieces of blank paper were let go.

Vladimir Makei’s Cause of Death, How Did the Foreign Minister of Belarus Pass Away?

Belarus’s foreign minister, Vladimir Makei, died suddenly at the age of 64. The cause of death for the foreign minister of Belarus remains unknown.

The cause of death was not made public by Belarusian authorities, and Mr. Makei was not known to have any known chronic diseases.

A longtime friend of authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko was Makei.

The West repeatedly attacked Mr. Makei while he was the top ambassador for Belarus for the brutal suppression of the opposition, dubious elections, and for allowing Russia to attack Ukraine from Belarusian soil.

In September, Mr. Makei supported Belarus’ position at the UN Security Council.

Makei went on to say that Belarus was referred to as aan”accomplice of the aggressor” or even a Party to the conflict.

We firmly abide by and shall comply with the letter and spirit of all international agreements to which we are parties due to our obligations under those agreements.

According to Maria Zakharova, a spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow, Mr. Makei’s death shocked ministry authorities.

Family of Vladimir Makei, Origins And Ethnicity

On August 5, 1958, in Hrodna Voblast, Byelorussian SSR, Vladimir Makei was born. The majority of the foreign minister’s youth was spent in the village of Niekraeviy.

Makei, however, avoided speaking to the public or the media about his family. His parents’ names are still a mystery as a result.

We were unable to determine Makei’s ethnicity because we don’t know who his parents are. The Makei family, however, hails from the Karelichy District.

Vladimir’s untimely passing startled his family because he had no known chronic illnesses.

The presidential administration reported that Mr. Lukashenko delivered a message of sympathy to Mr. Makei’s family.

Before becoming Mr. Lukashenko’s foreign minister in 2012, Mr. Makei served as the latter’s chief of staff. He served as a presidential advisor before that.

What Was Vladimir Makei’s Net Worth When He Died?

Like any other politician, Vladimir Makei did not reveal his wealth to the public or the media. The foreign minister of Belarus’s net worth, however, is thought to be between $500k and $1 million.

Makei’s principal source of income was his position as the nation’s foreign minister. On August 20, 2012, he was appointed foreign affairs minister.

We may therefore confidently infer that Vladimir has earned a respectable income since being named the nation’s foreign minister.

aInaddition, Makei performed numerous additional political duties, such as serving as a counselor at the Belarusian embassy.

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