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Wael Sawan

Wael Sawan

Who is Wael Sawan?

Biography of Wael Sawan: He is a well-known Canadian and Lebanese business leader, director of energy solutions, media personality, and entrepreneur from Beirut, Lebanon. This man is well-known throughout the nation for serving as Shell’s Director of Integrated Gas, Renewables, and Energy Solutions. Sawan has been employed with Shell since July 2015, according to his Linkedin page.

In addition to this, he served as Qatar Shell’s Vice President of Commercial, New Business, and LNG. Wael has a prosperous business. He reportedly has a lot of experience in the oil and gas sector, according to Bloomberg. Sawan also invests money. We give you information about Wael Sawan on this page.

What is the Net Worth of Wael Sawan? Salary, Earnings

Wael has extensive knowledge of the oil and gas sectors. He works for Shell and receives a respectable salary. In addition, Sawan will take over as Shell’s CEO in January 2023. He enjoys an opulent lifestyle. Wael’s net worth is reportedly between $4 and $5 million (approx.).

Who is Wael Sawan, the new CEO of Shell?

The sources claim that Wael is a successful business leader. Sawan has been employed with Shell since 2015. He also serves as director of energy solutions. Wael has a wealth of expertise in the oil and gas sectors. Wael attended McGill University and Harvard Business School. At Shell, Sawan also held the positions of Executive Vice President of Deepwater and Upstream Director.

Ben van Beurden, the CEO of Shell, announced in September 2022 that he would step down at the end of the year. Wael will succeed him as the company’s CEO on January 1, 2023, he added. At Shell, Sawan has the title of Director of Integrated Gas, Renewables, and Energy Solutions.

Where was Wael Sawan born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

Wael is a well-known business leader. We discovered after extensive inquiry that Wael was born to his parents in July 1974. Lebanon’s Beirut is where he was born. Sawan was raised in Dubai, per Wikipedia. His precise birthdate is unknown. Wael will be 48 years old in 2022.

He has a good education. His master’s in engineering was earned between 1992 and 1997 at McGill University, according to his LinkedIn page. He went to Harvard Business School as well for his advanced education.

Wael comes from a family of established businesspeople. There are no specifics provided on the members of his family. According to rumors, Mr. Sawan, Wael’s father, is also a businessman.

His mother stays at home. In his early years, Sawan spent some time in Dubai. With his siblings, he experienced childhood. Wael comes from a mixed-ethnic background, according to the sources. He practices Christianity as his religion.

Is Wael Sawan Single? Relationship

Wael is a married man, says Wikipedia. He wed Nicole Sawan, who is now his wife. His wedding date is not known with certainty. His wife, Nicole, is a businesswoman, according to the sources.

Wael is the father of three sons if we are talking about his children. The names of his children are not yet known, though. Additionally, Sawan’s previous relationships have not been revealed to us.

How did Wael Sawan start his Professional Career?

In terms of his professional life, Wael is a prosperous businessman and entrepreneur. He has a long history of employment in the oil and gas sector. Sawan joined Shell in January 2007 as general manager of the retail portfolio, new market entries, and alliances, according to his LinkedIn profile.

He spent one year and eleven months there. After that, in November 2008, he joined Qatar Shell. He spent 3.5 years as a Vice President of Commercial, New Business, and LNG at Qatar Shell. He re-joined Shell as an Executive Vice President of Deepwater in July 2015.

Additionally, he performs the duties of an Upstream Director. Sawan has been employed by Shell as an Integrated Gas, Renewables, and Energy Solutions Director since November 2021. The most recent sources state that he would succeed Ben van Beurden as CEO on January 1, 2023.

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