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Wanda Ferraton | Career, Husband And Children

Wanda Ferraton

Canadian actress and stunt performer Wanda Ferraton was born. Her roles in several films, including Santa’s Slay, Johnson County War, Half Past Dead 2, and many more, have made her well-known. In addition, she is well-known for being American professional wrestler Bill Goldberg’s wife.

Wanda Ferraton: Who Is She?

Actress and stunt performer Wanda Ferraton gained notoriety as the spouse of American wrestler Bill Goldberg. Her parents, Gwen Ferraton and Allan Ferraton, welcomed her into the world at the beginning of the 1970s. She is the youngest of her parents’ five children, not the only one.

Wanda attended the local school in her birthplace of Saskatchewan, Canada, where she completed her education. Regretfully, she hasn’t spoken a lot about her academic background.

Actress, TV host, and stunt performer Wanda Ferraton

The stunning Wanda has experience in a variety of professional domains and has managed to excel in each one. She is an actress and TV host in addition to a stunt performer.

Regarding her acting experience, she starred in the movie Half Past Dead 2 in 2007. Her portrayal in the film was as Wanda Goldberg, the Warden’s aide.

She has hosted a TV special, WrestleMania 33, in her capacity as a host. She also had an appearance in Jay Leno’s Garage, a TV documentary series. She made an appearance in a Love Stories episode of the show.

Wanda has primarily performed stunts as of yet. She has appeared in multiple films as a body double for various actresses. She debuted in Skipped Parts in 2000 as a stunt lady.

She made appearances as a stunt lady in four films the next year: Speaking of Sex, Viva Las Nowhere, Texas Rangers, and The Unsaid.

Ararat, Johnson County War, Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning, Caught in the Headlights, and Santa’s Slay are just a few of her other stuntwoman credits.

In 2005, she wed Bill Goldberg.

Wanda Ferraton is a married woman, as we have stated. Bill Goldberg, an American professional wrestler, is her husband. The wedding took place on April 10, 2005. With just a small number of friends and family members present, they had a very low-key wedding.

The couple appears to be in a healthy relationship even after walking down the aisle more than 15 years ago. Conflicts between the two have not been reported. Instead, it’s common to see the two together, having a great time.

We wish them many more years of happiness together.

She is a son’s mother.

Additionally, Gage Goldberg is Wanda’s son from her marriage to Bill. He was born in 2006, making him currently about 14 years old. She’s got a wonderful relationship.

It’s interesting to note that Bill, a successful wrestler, has said he doesn’t want to watch his kid pursue a career in wrestling.

Bill And Wanda Ferraton Met On Santa’s Slay Sets

Their love story started on the sets of Santa’s Slay, and even though they are married and getting along great, it all started there. They first got together while working on the 2005 movie Santa’s Slay, in which Wanda served as a stunt double and Bill was the principal actor.

Goldberg was disguised as a murderous Santa Claus when the pair encountered each other. As discussing their initial encounter, Goldberg once said that he noticed Wanda as he was hanging on a swing in a strip club while filming a movie. He declared,

“I was unable to even look up at her when she gave me a shoulder tap and asked, ‘Are you okay, buddy?'” “Yeah, I’m fine,” I said, but I was unable to look up. She then remarked, “Usually, before a guy and I get this close, he buys me a beer first.” “I love you,” I replied as I looked up at her.

When Ferraton first met her now-husband, she was in a relationship.

Wanda was already seeing someone else when she first met Bill on the set of Santa’s Slay. Wanda talked about how she broke up with her ex-boyfriend and immediately connected with Bill in an interview on Jay Leno’s Garage. Says she

“That night, I told the amazing guy I was seeing that we weren’t going to work out. I’m not in the right relationship if I can feel this strongly about someone else so rapidly. It happened so quickly.

It wasn’t just Wanda; Goldberg was in a similar situation. He said he wanted to ask her out on a date as soon as he saw her. He said,

You never know until you try, so I took a chance and asked her to supper. I would have regretted it for the rest of my life if I had not done so.

Their initial encounter quickly developed into a passionate bond, and approximately three and a half months later, they tied the knot.

She’s a Car Fan

She is a stunt lady and has a deep passion for automobiles. She did, however, share her passion for automobiles when she and her husband appeared on an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage back in 2016. Goldberg stated in a show that she was spotted driving a black 1970 Pontiac Trans Am.

Every stunt woman needs a Trans Am with 650 horsepower.

Wanda and Bill, however, also own a collection of automobiles, with her 1967 Mercury pickup being her favorite. She said that since she was nine years old, she has been the truck driver.

It was our tractor. And in that truck, we youngsters all learned how to drive.

Net Worth of Wanda Ferraton

Wanda is paid a lot of money because she is an actor and stunt lady. If claims are to be accepted, the average annual salary for a stunt lady is $250,000. Her net worth is clearly in the millions based on the date. Sadly, the precise amount remains unknown.

In contrast, her spouse’s net worth is $16 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. His career as a wrestler provides him with the majority of his income.

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