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Warwick Davis Supports Effort To Save Elementary School

Warwick Davis

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Warwick Davis has backed a campaign to prevent the closure of a primary school due to poor enrollment. Great Gidding Church of England Primary School, located close to Sawtry in Cambridgeshire, currently has 47 students; this number is projected to drop to 40 by 2023-24.

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The actor wrote,

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“This school has done so much for my son that its closure would be a tragedy.”

The county council has initiated a consultation regarding the future of the school. Davis, a resident of nearby Peterborough, joined others in their efforts to save the elementary school.

He stated that his son had attended the school and invited others to sign the petition if they believed in good education and learning settings.

The school’s catchment area comprises the villages of Great Gidding, Little Gidding, Steeple Gidding, Winwick, and Hamerton, and according to a report by the local council, the number of students has decreased from 75 during the past decade.

Christopher Jenkins, whose daughter attends the school, stated that her education had already been “interrupted by the pandemic… and now she’s asking me why this is happening.”

.”The entire community has banded together in response to this,” he said.

He said that having Warwick Davis contribute his voice to the campaign was “a tremendous boost.”

“Yesterday, I was feeling quite dejected, but when I checked my computer, I discovered that the retweet by actor Davis and his wife had received 20,000 views.”

Davis stated that campaigners wanted to place “decision-makers…under maximum public scrutiny here because Ofsted deemed the school to be good and we know it to be good.”

He said,

“It’s a truly unique site, and I don’t think the [council] committee members fully appreciate that, having never been there.”

The council reported that 35 of the school’s current 47 students came from beyond the school’s attendance zone.

“The future viability of the institution is being evaluated due to a persistent decline in enrollment,” it stated.

This trend is anticipated to continue, with the total number of enrolled students expected to decline below 40 by September 2023.

In a statement, the organization claimed that its Children and Young People Committee [had] resolved to “begin a survey seeking opinions on the probable closure of the school and the relocation of students to other acceptable local schools.”

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