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Was John Madden Murdered? Who Killed Him?

John Madden

One year ago, John Madden, a former football coach and player, passed away. John Madden: Was he murdered?

From 1969 until 1978, John Madden led the Oakland Raiders as their head coach, leading them to nearly 100 victories.

He continued to work as a color commentator for NFL telecasts until 2008 after ending his coaching career.

In addition to sports, he appeared in a number of movies for brief cameos, and everyone praised both his persona and his work.

However, information regarding his death has been spreading online recently; what caused it?

Continue reading to learn more about John Madden, the head coach of the NFL.

Was John Madden Murdered?

No, John Madden was not killed; because the news of his death broke quickly, nobody anticipated a natural death.

He passed away suddenly at the age of 83, though it was natural, and the football world lost one of its legends.

Since there was no explanation for his death a year prior, each of them began expressing condolences to the family.

People began spreading rumors about the murder since it was difficult to believe the news and how fast it had surfaced.

Some of Madden’s supporters continue to feel that it was murder because the cause of his death has not yet been made public.

Since no one has spoken about the murder, we are unable to corroborate the news; nonetheless, you are welcome to comment with your thoughts.

Everyone wants to know what caused the passing of a well-known coach and television personality who will always hold a special place in the hearts of football fans.

Who Killed John Madden? Death Cause Explored

Everyone admired Madden’s effervescent demeanor since it was so endearing. Some of his supporters and those who heard about his passing believe it was not an accident.

Because of his cheerful disposition and love of sportscasting, he was adored by everyone.

His family maintains that he was not murdered, but they have not disclosed the cause of his passing.

As a result, a year after Madden’s passing, the most often asked question is still concerning what caused his death.

Death is a subject on which everyone has an opinion, but the reality has not yet been revealed.

John Madden’s passing was officially announced by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who also paid tribute to him on behalf of the NFL family and expressed his condolences to his friends and family.

Many other team members and viewers began sending their condolences to his family along with Roger Goodell.

Mr. Madden
The demise of John Madden was formally announced by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. (WRIC, Image Source)
Even yet, everyone was still unable to comprehend how quickly the story had been spread.

When the news regarding Madden’s condition broke on Tuesday, December 28, 2021, no one tried to believe it because he appeared to be fine.

They therefore believed he had been slain, but he hadn’t been; the reason is still present.

Since his worried supporters have been asking a lot of questions every day, hopefully the cause will be revealed to the public in the near future.

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