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What Is Joe Finlay’s Exotic Husband John Doing Now?

Joe Finlay

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John Finlay, the ex-husband of Joe Exotic, rose to fame after the success of the Netflix series Tiger King. The show focused on the eccentric lifestyle of tiger breeder Joe Exotic. Joe’s ex-boyfriend Finlay was on everyone’s mind after the success of the series. Many of us started to wonder what he had been up to recently.

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John’s life has been entirely revolutionized, to begin with. He not only left the awful Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park, but he also has a wonderful private life. He does indeed have a relationship.

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Let’s find out what Joe is doing right now. and consider his connection with his former girlfriend who is now his fiancée.

John Finlay, Joe Exotic’s husband, where are they now?

Since he became well-known, John has been the subject of numerous inquiries. What has he been up to, and how did he come to be associated with the infamous Joe exotic? First things first, Finlay has chosen a different path after giving up his life in Wynnewood Park. He is currently employed in Oklahoma as a welder. Storm Sanders, John Finlay’s partner, also resides with them.

The two of them have been dating for a while. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, they were forced to postpone their 2020 wedding, which they had originally planned to have. In a lengthy Instagram post for their upcoming nuptials, Finlay expressed his excitement for exchanging vows with her after the Pandemic is over.

In the same Instagram post, Finlay added that it was his wife who helped him escape the shadows. Moreover, Stormey was by Finlay’s side through thick and thin as he began his arduous road to recovery.

Now that you know what Joe Exotic’s former spouse John Finlay is doing these days, you know what to expect.

Who Is Stormey Sanders, the Wife of John Finlay?

It is none other than Finlay’s fiance who is responsible for his radical turnaround. Finlay would have remained the same reckless meth junkie if it weren’t for her. Regarding her line of work, she is an Oklahoma-based accountant. It’s safe to assume that John and Stormey are both working hard and enjoying their lives.

The two initially connected online in 2019. Although relationships formed online frequently end quickly, this is not the case here. In addition to cohabitating, the couple also has wedding plans shortly.

View John’s Transformation Now That He Is Meth-Free and Has New Teeth

When we first started watching Tiger King, John appeared to be an addict. When the first episode of the series aired, trolls began making fun of his teeth and more so, his general appearance. But now John’s face has also experienced obvious modifications. He no longer resembles the person he once was. John was completely honest in a Facebook post regarding his oral exams.

John’s meth addiction was demonstrated in the television program Tiger King as the reason for his teeth’s poor condition. But Joe Exotic’s ex-boyfriend had a different opinion. He disclosed that the teeth were not a side effect of the medication but rather the result of a genetic disease. Nevertheless, he succeeded in this endeavor by giving up narcotics. Yes, the TV personality has been drug-free for a while.

According to reports, Joe Exotic and John Finlay were formerly married

John was leading a rather bizarre yet exciting life before making changes in his life. He joined the park at the age of 19, immediately following his college graduation. He soon moved in at Joe’s house, and the two started dating after a few months. Joe and J started dating while Joe was still legally wed to his first husband J. Hartpence, C.

A decade later, in 2013, Travis Maldonado made his way to the zoo. Joe quickly developed feelings for the man and was pleased with his lover Finlay; the three of them were married in a three-way wedding in 2014. Finlay continues to maintain that the marriage was never legitimate in the first place.

They had a falling out, and their so-called marriage was over. John departed the estate to begin a new life later that same year as their wedding. Travis, Joe’s second husband, committed suicide after attempting to experiment with a Ruger Pistol. His final breath was taken on October 6, 2017.

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