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What Is The Real Name Of YouTuber CoryxKenshin


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A well-known YouTuber with more than five million devoted subscribers, CoryxKenshin. His Instagram presence, which currently has 700 thousand followers and is growing, provides additional evidence of his following base. Interestingly, his admirers also know him by his trademark parting remark from every video, where he refers to them as Samurai.

Real name, YouTube channel, and initials

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Cory Devante Williams is his true name, although going by the stage name CoryxKenshin. In October 2013, he made his debut in the world of game streaming by posting a video of himself playing the brief survival game White Finger.

However, FNAF DUBSTEP G-DASH LEVEL! was the video that marked his breakthrough on YouTube. PLEASE SAY YES | Geometry Dash (2.0). His larger subscriber count was greatly aided by the quick success of the video.

With more than seven million views and still going, the film is still widely watched today.

Is CoryxKenshin Single? Relationship, Girlfriend

Although Corry is not yet married, he succeeds in starting speculations about his marital status. He posted a video on his channel in 2019, for instance, with the caption “I have been keeping a secret from you all.”

He was able to persuade the audience throughout the entire video that he was about to become a father. Additionally, viewers were made to assume that his future child’s mother was his California-based lover.

To convince viewers that the game would provide him with some hints regarding parenthood, he even played a baby-themed video.

Interestingly, many people didn’t realize the video was released on April 1st. Yes, everything he said was false, and in the very last frame of the film, he admitted it was all a joke. Nevertheless, rumors regarding his marital status began to circulate.

But in actuality, we know virtually little about his personal life. There is no doubt that Cory relies heavily on his YouTube channel as a source of revenue.

The YouTuber reportedly earns $2 million a year from his channel, according to the social blade. Additionally, he has been successful in turning a profit from the sales of his goods. The sales of his extensive line of merchandise, which includes clothing, phone covers, and drinkware, significantly contribute to his income.

Quick Facts

  • Cory was born on November 9th, 1992. Likewise, Detroit, Michigan is where he was born.
  • He measures 6 feet and 3 inches in height (1.9 meters).
  • Ectodermal dysplasia is an uncommon genetic condition that affects Cory. The only parts of the body that have hair are the head and face, and those who have this ailment are born with 24 teeth rather than 32.
  • The internet celebrity is the oldest child of Anthony K. Williams Jr. and Stephanie Williams, his parents. Aleya Williams is his younger sister, while Anthony Williams is his younger brother.

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