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What Is The Truth Behind Aaron Ashmore’s Gay Speculations?

Aaron Ashmore

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Aaron Ashmore is best known for his role as Steve Jinks in the science fiction series ‘Warehouse 13’ since its third season aired in 2011. Later in the series, it was revealed that Aaron’s character was gay.

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This revelation has fans wondering about the actor’s off-screen sexual orientation.

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So, does reality follow fiction or does it deviate?

Is Aaron Ashmore a gay man?

Aaron gives an outstanding portrayal as his character on the show, but he is not gay in real life. All ‘Warehouse 13′ fans should be aware that the show focuses on science fiction and action rather than the characters’ personal lives.

Surely, there isn’t a lot of LGBTQIA+ representation in the sci-fi world in general, so why was Aaron’s character outed in the show? Out spoke with the series creator, Jack Kenny, and Aaron about their perspectives on the subject.

Jack added,

“We’re always seeking for varied characters for our program,”.
He also said that there was a shortage of LGBT representation in science fiction.

Furthermore, he stated that the character’s sexual orientation had no bearing on how the story was written.

He stated,

It’s just an aspect of who he is; it doesn’t define him.

“As a minority group, we’ve accomplished a lot in the entertainment industry in that a homosexual character just happens to be gay,” Jack said. “I think people will respond a lot more to what Aaron brings to the screen rather than what Steve being gay adds.”

Aaron agrees with the idea of normalizing characters from diverse backgrounds, and he does an excellent job as an actor. Similarly, if we move on to Ashmore’s personal life off-screen, we can see that he is a fantastic father and husband.

Discover Aaron Ashmore’s Family

Aaron and Zo Kate have been married since 2014. He announced the happy news with a tweet that stated, “I’m getting married today!!!! I love you, Zoe Kate!”

Two years after their wedding, Aaron and his wife welcomed their first child, Esme Grace. In 2019, he was gifted with another gorgeous daughter, Margot June.

Ashmore took to Twitter to express his happiness to his followers. He stated on Instagram,

“My second lovely daughter has arrived safe and sound. All my love to my wife for developing and delivering this gift.”

According to his Instagram, his daughters are daddy’s girls. Aaron adores them and spends most of his free time with them.

Unable to contain his emotions, he shared this photo of his wife and daughter on Twitter.

He captioned the post,

“So I don’t post much about my family but I just had to share these two images. I love these two so much,”.

Aaron has a wonderful family, but the three women in his life bring him the most joy. In an Instagram post featuring the little kids in the sweetest fairy costume for Halloween, he conveyed his love and admiration for his wife.

He stated,

“Zo, you are the most wonderful wife and mother I could imagine. Aaron has it made with a fantastic wife, two beautiful girls, and an outstanding career. Meanwhile, you may watch his most recent work in Netflix’s ‘Locke & Key.”

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