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What Setlist Will BTS Perform At PTD Seoul 2022?


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The playlist for BTS’s Permission to Dance On Stage – Seoul concert will be changed as a favor for the ARMYs. Ha Jung-Jae, the show’s director, claims that after a protracted wait, he spoke with the Korean news outlet OSEN about the upcoming event and shared specifics about the upgraded technology the group will be using.

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Ha, Jung-Jae indicated that the group would perform songs that had never been heard before. even named the two pieces—ON and Black Swan—that the seven performers are most eager to perform.

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ARMYs have already provided the group with a lengthy list of well-known songs to perform, and it currently looks like some of those songs will be played during the next performance.

PTD Seoul 2022 concert by BTS

In a discussion on the PTD Seoul 2022 concert setlist, the show’s director asserts that BTS would perform previously unreleased songs.

referring to the eagerly awaited future occasion. On March 8, OSEN published a story on the director of BTS’s PTD Seoul 2022 concert, Ha Jung-remarks Jae. The director disclosed that the band would alter the setlists for each performance to give fans a more engaging experience.

The setlist was offered to fans who had waited almost 2.5 years for the group to visit the nation. According to Ha Jung-Jae, the group’s and the team’s objectives. The goal is for both the audience and the performers to feel more connected.

To provide fans with a full experience, they will build enormous LED screens, which were previously seen at a recent PTD concert in Los Angeles. and for everyone to gain a better view of one another. These enormous LED panels were created especially for the ARMY.

Additionally, they will include moveable LED screens that can “move up and down and back and forth” to provide viewers with new perspectives and brighten the shows.

The show is for people who have waited patiently for a while. Ha, Jung-Jae consequently talked about the relevance of choosing a setlist and the procedure. They considered the tastes of both the band and the audience and presented the entire discography up front.

This performance started at the beginning, in contrast to the previous one, where the playlist was mainly composed of songs from the album unit. The setlist was completed after we discussed with the remaining seven members the songs that BTS had never performed live before, the songs that they wanted to show their fans, and the songs that the audience wanted to see.

The team focused more on collective music than individual songs. Jin recently went on a live stream and disclosed that he had hoped to perform Super Tuna but had been turned down because it was his solo song.

From the album Map of the Soul, ON, and Black Swan. Ha Jung-Jae claims that seven are on the setlist. He declared,

Both songs serve as metaphors for massive productions, and we have been working hard to get ready for massive dancer performances.

Additionally, there were rumors of BTS surprising its fans with the release of a brand-new song. The seven-piece boy band has been touring the US, but its most recent South Korean performance was Love Yourself: Speak Yourself [THE FINAL] in October 2019.

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