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What Transpired To Max Verstappen Following His Accident And Injuries

Max Verstappen

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Max, a racing diver who is Belgian and Dutch and the 2021–2022 Formula One World Champion, represents the Netherlands in Formula One with Red Bull Racing.

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Verstappen agreed to a deal that would keep him working for Red Bull at least until the 2028 season. He won 34 races and 20 pole positions in 2022.

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Max Verstappen Salary

Max Verstappen, a Dutch racing diver, is one of the richest race divers, with a net worth of $54 million, according to sportskeeda.

As a well-known diver from Belgium, the majority of his earnings come from his racing career, which has produced several successes and trophies.

He presently holds the title of Formula One World Champion and is estimated to be worth $200 million with assets totaling $120 million.

Maximum Verstappen Mishap

During the first lap of the race, there was contact at Copse, which led to a high-speed crash for Max Verstappen in which he impacted the barrier with a force of 51G.

The express claims that Hamilton didn’t slow down and closed the door in the run into the narrow right-handers of the second bend. Verstappen also persisted with the maneuver, and his front left tire collided with Hamilton’s right rear.

Verstappen lost ground to Hamilton as they rounded the left-hander. According to race spectators, the Red Bull driver attempted to re-pass the Mercedes inside turn two, where they collided.

Hamilton was thrown off the track by the impact, which also sent the Mercedes flying into the air. He then lost momentum and slid outside the top. Verstappen’s front wing was damaged, but he was still able to continue after stopping for repairs.

The FIA acknowledged that the incident was being investigated when it occurred, but Max has assessed a five-second time penalty for causing a collision.

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Verstappen’s car collided with Hamilton in their crash, but Hamilton was spared significant harm because of the halo system that was installed in the car.

The latest on Max Verstappen’s injury, What happened to him?

The Red Bull driver walked away from the collision and was examined at the circuit medical center after the 51G contact that caused the crash on the first lap.

He was then sent to the hospital in Coventry for more testing. According to sources from Sky Sports, he was discharged from the hospital after receiving the all-clear following his incident with Lewis Hamilton in the British Grand Prix.

Max and his group expressed their gratitude to the Silverstone and Coventry Hospital medical professionals as well as the trackside marshal for their outstanding on-site treatment.

Verstappen also discusses his feelings towards Hamilton in light of the contentious conclusion, in which the Dutchman was only permitted to overtake the dominant Mercedes driver.

During the Italian Grand Prix, after Max Verstappen’s vehicle collided with him, Lewis Hamilton said he felt stiff and had a hurting neck. This was reported by talk sports.

However, both athletes are now in better shape and are eager to compete once more for the next championship.

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