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What We Know About Kelianne Stankus

Kelianne Stankus

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Kelianne Stankus is well known for sharing popular dancing videos on TikTok. On the app for dancing and lip-syncing, she has 4.6 million followers, and her videos have received over 100 million likes. Stankus frequently works with other content producers including Tayler Holder and Nate Wyatt.

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Stankus has 411K followers on Instagram, where she is extremely well-known. Additionally, she has a YouTube account with the same name where she uploads a range of videos, including vlogs, challenges, pranks, and modeling clips. Stankus posts on Instagram and TikTok more regularly than she does on YouTube, though.

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Where was Kelianne Stankus born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

Kelianne Stankus, who was born on March 29, 1996, shared her childhood with Lucas and Cody Stankus. At a young age, Kelianne started competing as a gymnast. She was a member of the US National Acrobatic Gymnastics team and enjoyed some success as a gymnast.

Stankus originally gained popularity when he joined the dance crew Acrobats. The group gained notoriety with their hoverboard dance routines. She became even more well-known after she choreographed and took part in a dance routine for Justin Beiber’s smash tune Sorry.

Dancer and acrobat Kelianne frequently displays her immaculate abilities on TikTok.

Zach Cox and Kelianne Stankus parted ways in November 2019.

Zach Cox and Kelianne split up in a heartfelt statement to their followers at the end of November 2019. She claimed that she hadn’t anticipated the split and that the terrible divorce was still having an impact on her. She remarked:

“It’s still very new and fresh… I still adore Zach very much. Even though I was shocked, I still wish him the best because he is fantastic and treated me so well. Although I wish him the best, I believe the timing wasn’t right for us. He will be missed by me.

The separation was still fresh in Kelianne’s thoughts, but she said in the following video that was released a few weeks later that she was gradually adjusting to the new circumstances. Additionally, she acknowledged that it would take some time for her to be prepared for a new relationship. Nicolette said:

“I’m not at all prepared to be in a new one. I’m ready to put myself first. Improve yourself… I haven’t done that in a very long time, so I’m ready to give it my best and will put the interests of others before my own, including their feelings, careers, and general welfare. I eventually become my best self when I am prepared to start a new relationship.

Since their breakup, Kelianne Stankus has moved on and is now dating Chase Mattson.

Kelianne Stankus
Kelianne Stankus With Her Boyfriend[source:]
Stankus is presently dating model Chase Mattson, showing that she seems to have recovered from her painful breakup. Early in June, Chase revealed the connection via Instagram. Chase and Stankus have a great time based on their social media posts.

Her connection with Tayler Holder was unhealthy. Kelianne had a covert relationship with Tayler Holder before she started dating Zach. Before they started dating, Kelianne and Holder were friends first.

Sadly, Kelianne disclosed that the marriage was toxic and that it terminated when they started showing interest in other people. She remarked: It was extremely perplexing and toxic.

We just decided to stop talking to each other once he started talking to someone new, which, in all honesty, was probably for the best because our friendship was incredibly poisonous and confused. The fact that Kelianne and Tayler are now good friends suggests that their conflicts have been settled.

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