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What Will Ylan Mui Do Now That She Is Leaving CNBC? Career Salary And Asset Value

Ylan Mui

Many viewers have expressed their worry by asking why this frequent face on CNBC has left. Many are interested in finding out where she went after many years of service.

Similarly, Mui is a skilled and seasoned reporter whose confident and fluent delivery of a variety of topics is often seen on camera, making her a well-known television personality.

She aggressively focused on Capitol Hill and economic policy reporting while working as Senior Congressional Correspondent for CNBC in the network’s Washington, D.C., bureau. The news of her leaving, however, has stunned many.

Career Earnings And Net Worth For Ylan Mui As Of 2023

As of 2023, Ylan Mui’s net worth from her career is estimated to be between one and seven million dollars, according to many online sources.

She is a well-known journalist with years of experience, a degree in communications, and minors in biology and philosophy.

Mui’s expertise was recognized in her line of work when she worked for The Washington Post for more than ten years and CNBC for more than five. She is presently at the senior level due to her expertise.

She has not disclosed her compensation information, although she has received a sizable income as a result of her steady elevation to the post. Prior to that, she started her career in New Orleans at The Times-Picayune as a receptionist and obituary writer.

Will Ylan Mui be quitting CNBC?

After working in the television industry for many years and having audiences from all around the globe support her, Ylan Mui is leaving CNBC.

She often spoke on the administration’s monetary and regulatory policies.

She has also been the on-screen prompt reporter since 2017, and many viewers have become used to her reporting and commentary. However, when her departure was announced on the platform, many people were shocked to hear the news.

Mui announced her retirement on Twitter, stating that her last day working for CNBC will be January 20, 2023. She expresses gratitude to the CNBC platform for the chance after serving in the industry for almost five years.

She also expresses her gratitude for the fantastic colleagues who helped her learn the ropes of television and for their friendship and support over the preceding six years.

Even the official CNBC website highlighted her leaving her post after many years of dedication.

What Will Ylan Mui Do Now That She Is Leaving CNBC?

Since leaving her job as a reporter at CNBC, Ylan Mui has become a well-known face on television. Many people are curious about her next job.

Mui has also expressed her readiness for a new experience. She seems to have discovered some excellent career options and may have changed careers in order to advance.

She has praised her former employer, underlined the beneficial lessons she learned there, and is set to depart the job on a positive note.

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