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When Jamz Supernova Departs The Station, She Is “Glad And Complete”

Jamz Supernova

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“An era is coming to an end. Since I was 17 years old, broadcasting on Radio 1Xtra has been my one ambition. DJ and presenter Jamz Supernova will put down her 1Xtra headphones after 12 years.

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She tells BBC Newsbeat, “I’m feeling incredibly satisfied and complete to have lived there for so long.”

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The final performance will be on December 27, and longtime buddy CassKidd will fill the void in the coming year.

Jamz began her career at 1Xtra as an intern, progressing through the production ranks until launching her network show as a presenter in 2015.

Identities, traditions, and music

Because it is unique, the station signifies “so much to black broadcasters, black artists, and black creators,” according to Jamz.

It has been about advancing it and assisting black alternative artists who were being overlooked.

It’s been amazing to help so many musicians along their journeys by playing for them. I’m pleased.

“Having the freedom to be able to do deep dives” is what Jamz cites as the most memorable aspect of her experience as a presenter.

“I’ve always cherished the meeting point of identity, heritage, and music.

“Last year’s black and Irish special was a truly great moment,” she claims.

She claims that the Covid epidemic and George Floyd’s passing in the summer of 2020 were turning points in her understanding of “the power of radio.”

According to Jamz, it was an opportunity to “create radio that feels incredibly exceptional” and be “representative of what the world was going through.”

As tragic as it was, she claims that it provided a chance to turn on the radio, use the nation’s sadness as inspiration, and play the music that addressed the situation.

I’ll never forget that

CassKidd, who is assuming control, describes it as a “strange feeling between nerves and excitement.”

I simply can’t wait to infuse my individuality, flare, and musical preferences into such a specialized spot, he exclaims.

This feels like a “full circle moment” for Jamz and CassKidd given their relationship’s history.

Since he was 16 years old, I’ve known him. He was my intern, and it’s been a crazy trip,” adds Jamz.

“Both of us listened to Reprezent Radio, a station for young people. He began working with me on my program as a producer since we had a love of the same music.

Jamz encouraged CassKidd to perform at his highest level and gave him the advice to become “indispensable” after having experienced the road of climbing the ladder herself.

Every Tuesday night, she persuaded him to join her at the studio, and she paid for his transportation home.

She only required that I “simply shadow everything that’s going” in return.

“Radio has woven its way into our lives and each other. It flips; the next thing I know, I’m the mentor. He serves as the mentee. He and I occasionally work together as mentor and mentees.

It’s all in the energy

Jamz gave CassKidd some guidance, just like with any baton transfer.

Jamz explains, “It was to almost ignore everything that I’ve done to make it his own.”

And he has every intention of doing just that.

“I make music in addition to DJing and broadcasting. And I want to communicate that on the radio,” says CassKidd.

“I want to create a fresh listening experience to the event by combining all of those worlds.”

“Pay attention every Tuesday. The phrases keep going; there are various feelings, but they are all the same,” Jamz continues.

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