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Where Is Amy Freeze Going After Leaving ABC? New Job, Career Earning And Achievement

Amy Freeze

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If you’re wondering where Amy Freeze is headed, continue reading to the very end of this piece, which covers her new position, wages, and accomplishments. A journalist and television meteorologist, Amy Freeze. The American meteorologist, who was born Amy Elizabeth Freeze, presently anchors Weather Command on Fox Weather.

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Freeze formerly held the position of weekend meteorologist at WABC-TV in New York City, where she additionally filled in for the ABC morning show Good Morning America. Her last day on television as an ABC News staffer was October 3, 2021. She now serves as the host of Fox Weather’s Weather Command.

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What Will Amy Freeze Do When She Leaves ABC?

Amy informed ABC News of her leaving in October 2021. She did not give a specific explanation for departing, shocking both her regular viewers and supporters. Freeze praised her supporters for an “amazing decade” on Eyewitness News. In a social media statement, she informed her followers that her leaving was “bittersweet.”

Over the years, Amy Freeze has become well-known and trusted by many New Yorkers as their go-to source for weather reports. Amy abruptly vanished from ABC News in late 2020, though, causing admirers to wonder what had become of her. Amy had undergone surgery, and while she was recovering, she was working from home. She persisted in her duties and gave her audience weather updates despite this setback.

Nevertheless, Amy made a decision to leave ABC News on October 2, 2021. Her supporters were shocked yet appreciative of her years of dedication. Amy Freeze was welcomed by Fox News Media on October 6, 2021, as an anchor for Fox Weather. In January 2023, Fox Weather announced yet another significant change to their schedule. Freeze was chosen to serve as the host of the 9am–12pm program Weather Command.

Amy Freeze: Career Advancements And A New Job

Amy Freeze has a new position as the Weather Command anchor on Fox Weather. Since 2011, she has worked as WABC-TV’s weekend meteorologist. When necessary, she has also stepped in on Good Morning America. Amy has a reputation as one of the top meteorologists in the business and has covered weather in other significant cities including Philadelphia and Chicago.

Amy Freeze is a skilled athlete in addition to being a meteorologist. She is a marathon runner and has competed in several Ironman triathlons. Additionally, Amy is a trained scuba diver who has participated in a number of dives in exotic locales throughout the world. Amy Freeze is renowned for having a charismatic personality, and she has received several honors in recognition of this.

She has received several awards for her work in addition to four Emmy Awards for Best On-Camera Achievement in Weather Broadcasting.

Read about Amy Freeze’s earnings during her career and net worth

Amy Freeze is thought to have a net worth of $5 million. Amy’s careers as a television anchor and meteorologist have brought in a sizable wealth. She apparently makes between $70k and $120,000 per year in compensation.

In Utah, USA, Amy Freeze was born. She was raised in Indiana and earned a Bachelor of Science in Communications from Brigham  Young University in 1995.Amy Freeze started working as a meteorologist and weather forecaster after completing her education.

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