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Where Is Prince Naseem Hamed Now?

Prince Naseem Hamed

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Prince Naseem Hamed was also a legendary showman. Hamed used a combination of strength and quickness to disorient his opponent while engaging in antics that elicited shouts from the crowd. In a distinguished career that saw him inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame, Naseem only suffered one defeat.

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Hamed gained notoriety on both sides of the Atlantic and is recognized for introducing pay-per-view boxing to the lower levels of the sport. The Prince ruled for ten years and won several featherweight world titles during that time. Even though Naseem retired twenty years ago, his effect is still felt as young boxers study his techniques and Arab hopefuls are motivated by his surprising success.

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Is Prince Naseem Hamed Married? Relationship

Prince Naseem Hamed
Prince Naseem Hamed With His Wife  [Source: Alamy]
After leaving the ring, Prince’s life didn’t get off to the best of starts. In May 2005, he rear-ended a Volkswagen Golf with his Mercedes SLR before slamming into the Ford Mondeo he was attempting to pass.

The Golf driver, Anthony Burgin, shattered several bones in his body and sustained brain traumas, whereas Naseem and his wife only received minor injuries. Burgin was determined to be unable to work again following several hospital stays.

Hamed was given a 15-month prison term and a four-year driving ban by the judge. The trial uncovered Naseem’s four prior speeding tickets, including a year-long suspension for exceeding the speed limit by 110 mph on a highway.

Naseem completed his 16-week sentence and was released from prison with an electronic tag. Authorities took away his MBE.

Prince withdrew from the public eye following that incident to concentrate on his family. He now occasionally sees his wife and himself shopping in London. Despite having gained weight, he is reportedly at ease with his appearance.

Naseem is a huge supporter of boxing prodigy Kell Brook and occasionally attends matches in London.

Hamed told The Scottish Sun,

I’m just so delighted that it’s a Sheffield youngster, who came out of my gym, the Ingle gym.”

“It’s fantastic for Sheffield, it’s amazing for the UK, but even more remarkable is that it’s amazing for boxing,”

Naseem has also stated his support for British-based Arab fighters. Both Barry “Kid G” Awad and Galal Yafai received their congratulations for winning gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics and the IBF Featherweight Championship, respectively.

Barry gave thanks to Prince in his victory speech for opening the door for Arab boxers to succeed in the sport.

Prince’s son is looking to Emulate his Father’s Boxing Success

Adam Hamed, Prince Naseem’s son, aspires to match his father’s ring prowess. He shares training videos on social media to demonstrate how his father’s quick feet were passed down to him.

Although Naseem promised to support him, he stated that he did not want his children to take up boxing. He commended Adam for his tennis prowess, Sami for acting, and Sulaiman for fighting in a 2015 interview. Prince remarked:

“I want my children to get along, wanted to knock someone out cold despite the grin and laughter, the flying carpets, and all the glitz and glamour. I was tempted to punch someone if they caused those ruffles. Why would I want a man with that kind of motivation to be standing next to my son?

Prince Claimed that he Retired due to Constant pain in his hands

For a while, it was believed that Prince’s retirement was brought on by his loss to Mexican legend Marco Barrera. Although that was and still is Prince’s lone loss, the consequences were severe.

The English crowd booed Prince during his subsequent bout against Manuel Calvo, and despite his claims that he would go on, Prince never returned to the ring.

A few years before that infamous bout with Barrera, Prince’s demise seemed imminent. After each match, Naseem’s contagious enthusiasm seemed to have faded, and he appeared uninterested in the sport. Additionally, he had a falling out with Brendan Ingle, his trainer since he was a young lad and his promoter.

After leaving the ring, Naseem kept quiet for several years before speaking out in 2009. He admitted to failing in his hands, needing painkiller shots to get through each match until he was unable to continue, according to BBC’s Sportsweek. Naseem declared:

“It was getting ludicrous, and there was no use in continuing.” I was one of the strongest punchers ever known, but it’s difficult to continue if your hands are relatively fragile and you cause harm. I’d be happy to return if the hands were okay. I’ve been boxing for 21 years, starting when I was 7 years old. I love it, I miss it, and I think boxing misses me.

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