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Where Is Rod Mackey Going After Leaving 9News? New Job And Salary

Rod Mackey

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 Rod Mackey, where are you going? People are interested in learning where their favorite sports director is headed after he left 9News.

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Veteran sports director Rod Mackey is well-known for his two decades of coverage of Colorado sports.

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He is an enthusiastic and informed reporter who has been there for some of the most exciting and significant events in sports history.

In addition to being well-liked and modest, the sports professional has gained the respect and adoration of both his colleagues and supporters. Sports director Rod Mackey is more than that.

The American journalist has been employed by KUSA since 2000 and has spent more than 20 years as a reporter for 9News. On August 3, 2023, the sports reporter said goodbye to the network after a lengthy tenure.

His supporters, along with many others, are anxious to find out what his next professional step is in light of the news. What we know about it is as follows.

Rod Mackey left 9News, but where is he going now?

Rod Mackey said goodbye to 9News after more than 20 years of incredible service as the sports director.

Viewers and colleagues are wondering what his next step will be in light of the revelation. In the realm of sports media, Mackey has been a well-known figure since joining the network in 2000.

Mackey is departing after 23 years. Mackey has seen several events since joining KUSA in 2000, including Super Bowls and title parades.

The native of Colorado graduated from Evergreen High School and the University of Colorado–Boulder with degrees.

Rod Mackey has left a lasting impression on the newsroom and the larger media community throughout his tenure at 9News.

Rod Mackey Bid Farewell To 9News On August 3, 2018

He said farewell and shared some of his favorite memories live on-air with Kim Christiansen on Thursday, August 3, 2023.

Rod says he had a great experience working with the network. “It’s been a really fun ride, all the coaches, the players, all the people I worked with, everyone back in the sports department,” the outgoing 9News executive said.

There’s no denying that Mackey’s exit from 9News was an emotional time for him and his coworkers.

Viewers around the area thanked him for his years of devoted reporting and sent their best wishes for his future pursuits as he signed off for the final time.

There is little question that the sports scenes in Colorado will miss him.

Furthermore, Mackey had become a vital member of the 9News team, so his departure would surely leave a vacuum.

But his departure also offers a chance for up-and-coming talent to shine and for the network to carry on its tradition of producing excellent journalism.

Rod Mackey’s New Position and Pay

Although some may have been taken aback by his departure from 9News, it is common for people—including sports directors and journalists—to look for fresh challenges and chances for advancement.

Mackey has yet to formally announce his next course of action. His new position has not been made public, and even the amount he could be paid at the new business is still a closely kept secret.

He hasn’t yet made any public comments concerning his future ambitions. Perhaps he is still considering his alternatives, or he wants to keep it a secret.

However, Mackey will undoubtedly let his supporters and admirers know what he chooses.

I have no doubt that Mackey will succeed in new media forms, even if he decides to stay in the field of sports writing.

Considering his expertise and background in the industry, he will undoubtedly get a respectable salary.

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