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Who Are Gemma Barton and Father Craig Crouch? Jacob Crouch Parents

Gemma Barton

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The identities of Jacob Crouch’s parents are becoming popular on the internet after Craig, the child’s stepfather, was convicted guilty of his murder. Here is further information.

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In December 2020, 10-month-old Jacob Crouch of the United Kingdom passed away at home in Linton, near Swadlincote, Derbyshire.

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According to reports, the youngster had at least 39 rib fractures. Everyone was stunned to learn of his murder, and it is presently making headlines once again.

Craig Crouch, the child’s stepfather, was found guilty of the child’s murder after it was discovered dead in his crib with several wounds.

As a result, numerous inquiries about the child’s parents have been made online. In today’s essay, all the information has been presented and gathered from the relevant sources.

Father Craig Crouch and Gemma Barton: Who Are They?

Jacob Crouch is the son of Gemma Barton and Craig Crouch. For the record, the 10-month-old child’s biological father is not Craig Crouch.

In addition, Gemma and Craig gained notoriety in the media after the announcement of Jacob’s death. It has been reported that the couple used the dating app to meet in September 2019.

Gemma was said to be four months pregnant at the time. Furthermore, Crouch had moved in with her shortly after she gave birth to her kid.

Craig, who was listed as Jacob’s father on his birth certificate, referred to the unborn kid as our little son only a few weeks after they first met Barton.

Aside from that, the two cheered and supported one another as they “collaborated to bring about Jacob’s agony and demise.”

Further Information Regarding Jacob Crouch’s Parents

As previously mentioned, Jacob Crouch was born to Gemma Barton and Andrew Smith, his biological father. According to Andrew, all he has is a picture of his kid.

When word leaked out about Jacob’s murder, everyone wanted to know who his biological father was. According to a victim’s personal testimony delivered by prosecutor Mary Prior KC, Andrew was never able to meet his son.

The youngster, meanwhile, was born into a vicious atmosphere where he was repeatedly attacked by two individuals he ought to have been able to delegate to more than anybody else.

For the record, Gemma was four months pregnant when she and Jacob’s stepfather first got together. They became connected to one another quite fast and referred to the youngster as “our little boy.”

Where Are The Parents of Jacob Crouch Now? Update on Murder Cases

The parents of Jacob Crouch, Craig Croch, and Gemma Barton, are in the spotlight. Craig was convicted of killing the small child. In the meanwhile, the child passed away at home close to Swadlincote, Derbyshire, on December 30, 2020.

Gemma was found guilty of causing or permitting the death of a newborn even though she was exonerated of murder. On Friday, Gemma and Craig will get their sentences at the same court.

Prosecutors said throughout the trial that the youngster had been kicked or stamped on, which is why he had injuries. Prosecutor Mary Prior KC disclosed at the court that Jacob had at least five fractured bones.

Furthermore, Jacob was attacked with such intensity that a rip in his stomach became ruptured, ultimately leading to his death.

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