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Who Are The Parents Of Majo Aguilar? Mother And Father

Majo Aguilar

Mexican singer-songwriter Majo Aguilar, who works for the Universal music label, is from Mexico. In 2016, Aguliar formally began her career as a singer, but before to that, she uploaded her songs and collaborated with her family to make an album.

She posted Triste Recuerdo, her first music video, for the first time in 2016. Aguliar continued to post music videos of hers on YouTube and used to record a lot of cover songs.

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Majo Aguilar’s estimated net worth as of 2023

People are often interested in learning how much a renowned person is worth. Therefore, a singer’s net worth in the current year ranges between $1.4 K to $2.2 K.

Aguilar has been interested in singing since she was a little child, and her work as a singer is now her main source of income.

Her albums have consistently received the same level of support and adoration from her audience.

She is the one in the family that earns the most money from her singing profession; as a result, her net worth grows every year over time.

Majo constantly receives love and support from her family, and she still has her entire life to spread the word about her work

Who Are the Parents of Majo Aguilar?

In June 1994, Majo Aguilar was born to Antonio Aguilar, Hijo, and Antonio Aguilar.

She was born into a family of professional singers, all of whom sing professionally. She has an older relative who works as a singer.

Her father is a singer and an actor, while her uncle and aunt both have singing careers.

She influenced everyone to sing while she was growing up because her mother and grandfather were both singers.

She became interested in singing at the age of 5 when she noticed that everyone was in the same profession.

Her parents have always encouraged her in her job choices, and since she shares her father’s passion in the same sector, they have a particular link.

Meet Majo Aguilar’s Mother and Father, Antonio and Majo Aguilar

She needs to know more about her mother because many sources haven’t even addressed her by name in public.

However, Antonio, her father, is a well-known figure. He is Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre’s senior son.

His mother was also a member of the same profession as his father—singer, actor, and lyricist. So, after some time, he also began his singing career.

Antonio is well known for the songs Toda mi Vida (1994), Caballo Viejo (2004), and Caballo Viejo (2016). He has released other solo songs over his career.

Since 2016, Antonio has not performed any singing, and he has not yet put out a single.

Because they have similar interests, Majo’s father and his brother, Pepe Aguilar, collaborated on an album mostly together. Antonio also got along well with Majo’s father.

The Aguilar family is well-known in Mexico since each member has a long history as a singer there.

The only member of Majo’s family who is not a singer is his mother, who inherited the talent from his father’s side.

Her father, uncles, cousins, great-uncles, and grandparents are all prominent vocalists at the moment.

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