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Who Is Andrew Wilson’s Son Joseph Obiamiwe Wilson Mother?

Joseph Obiamiwe Wilson

The son of American actor and filmmaker Andrew Wilson is Joseph Obiamiwe Wilson. His father has been in several well-known movies, such as Bottle Rocket, Idiocracy, Church Ball, The Wendell Baker Story, and many others.

Joseph is already a topic of conversation because he is the child of a well-known person. There are, in fact, many unanswered questions as well as many hidden facts. Without further ado, let’s learn everything there is to know about Andrew’s son, including his age, mother, occupation, Instagram, and other details.

Joseph Obiamiwe Wilson was born when? What About His Mother?

June 12, 2003, saw the birth of Joseph Obiamiwe. He was born in Dallas, Texas in the United States. Joey Wilson is another name for him. Additionally, as was already mentioned, Nnogo Obiamiwe is his mother, and Andrew Wilson is his father. Joseph will be 19 years old in 2023, and he is a Gemini.

Furthermore, Robert Andrew Wilson and Laura Wilson are Joseph’s grandparents. His two grandparents are well-known figures as well, in addition to his father. Robert, who produced Reporting America at War (2003) and American Experience (1987), was the late grandpa of Obiamiwe.

His grandmother Laura is an American photographer in the meantime. In addition, she enjoys writing and has authored five volumes on photography and text, including Grit, Avedon at Work: In the American West, Glory: Six-Man Football, Hutterites of Montana, and Watt Matthews of Lambshead.

How many of Joseph Obiamiwe Wilson’s siblings are biological?

Apart from Joseph, Andrew and his wife Nnogo don’t have any joint children. He, therefore, has no siblings and is an only child. On the other hand, he does have two cousins—brothers—and a sister on the side of his uncle Owen Wilson. Robert Ford Wilson, the oldest of Owen’s children, was born in 2011 to Owen and Jade Duell, a US government employee who has worked as a police officer and for the Department of homeland security.

Then, in 2014, Owen and Caroline Lindqvist welcomed Finn Lindqvist Wilson into their lives. Lyla Aranya Wilson entered the world later, in 2018. She is the child of Varunie Vongsvirates, who was Owen’s ex-girlfriend.

Is He Following In His Father’s Footsteps?

Joseph’s present occupation is not well known at this time. But there are rumors that he is also a producer, director, and actor. Contrary to his father’s illustrious film career, Joseph has not yet received any acting credits. People began to circulate these tales after discovering a Joseph Wilson entry on IMDb, which exactly matched the name of Andrew’s son.

Joseph Wilson is not the actor described in the biography, which reads “Joseph Wilson is an American actor born in Oregon on August 18, 1966.” So far as his present line of work is concerned, nothing has been reported as of 2023.

In addition, Joey’s father entered the movie business in the early 1990s. He has appeared in more than twenty films to date. His father has primarily collaborated with his two brothers, Luke, and Owen Wilson.

The Wendell Baker Story, a movie they both directed in 2005, stars Andrew and his brother. Wilson’s father has nevertheless made three appearances in Wes Anderson movies. In the 1996 film Bottle Rocket, he portrayed the lead.

Along with this, he has numerous other important credits, including Church Ball (2006), Idiocracy (2006), and Fever Pitch (2005). Additionally, Andrew has made appearances in films like Time Trap (2017), Druid (2014), and Whip It! (2009).

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