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Who Is Dr. Anca Faur, Buzz Aldrin’s New Wife? Former American Astronaut Marries For The Fourth Time

Buzz Aldrin

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Dr. Anca Faur, Buzz Aldrin’s new wife, is today a popular figure. What does she do and who is she?

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Buzz Aldrin is a former fighter pilot, engineer, and astronaut from the United States.

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He is most remembered for being the second person after his mission commander Neil Armstrong to set foot on the Moon during the 1969 Apollo 11 mission.

In 1966, while serving as the mission’s pilot for Gemini 12, Aldrin completed three spacewalks. In addition, he has held positions in the U.S. Air Force and its Test Pilot School.

Aldrin is also a writer, and in his books Magnificent Desolation (2009) and Return to Earth (1973), he describes his battles with drinking and melancholy.

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Who Is Dr. Anca Faur, Buzz Aldrin’s New Wife?

Buzz Aldrin revealed on Twitter on January 20, 2023, that he has wed a fourth time.

He married Dr. Anca Faur, his 63-year-old partner, on his 93rd birthday.

The ex-engineer and pilot said that he and his new bride were “excited as eloping teenagers.” On his social media accounts, he also posted images from their wedding in Los Angeles.

Aldrin wrote, “I am happy to announce that my longtime love Dr. Anca Faur and I have tied the knot.”

Dr. Faur is the executive vice president of Buzz Aldrin Ventures and has a Ph.D. in chemical engineering.

She formerly worked with Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells and Union Carbide before being named VP at Buzz Aldrin’s business in 2019.

Aldrin, Buzz Examining Previous Marriages And Children

Four times married, Buzz Aldrin has three children with his first spouse.

On December 29, 1954, he first married Joan Archer. They were married for 20 years and had three children together: James, Janice, and Andrew Aldrin.

Beverly Van Zile was Aldren’s second wife, whom he married on December 31, 1975. After three years, they were divorced in 1978.

He also wed Lois Driggs Cannon in his third marriage. On February 14, 1988, they were hitched. In December 2012, they got divorced.

Aldrin’s daughter Janice gave birth to a grandchild who goes by the name of Jeffrey Schuss. In addition, he has Kaia Nicole, one great-granddaughter, and Nathaniel, Benjamin, and Archer, three great-grandsons.

The former astronaut and his children Janice and Andrew, as well as his company manager Christina Korp, were embroiled in a court battle in 2018.

They maintained that Aldrin was mentally damaged by dementia and Alzheimer’s illness and that his new pals were manipulating him financially and socially in addition to his mental impairment.

They want to be designated as his guardians in law. Aldrin, though, retaliated in June by bringing a lawsuit against the group as well as the family’s companies and organizations.

His children withdrew their petition, and in March 2019 he abandoned the action as well.

A Look at the Family of Buzz Aldrin

His parents, Edwin Eugene Aldrin Sr. and Marion Aldrin (née Moon), welcomed him into the world in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, in the United States.

During World War I, Edwin Sr. flew for the Army and served as the assistant commandant (1919–1922) of the McCook Field, Ohio, test pilot school.

Later, in 1928, he left the Army and worked as an executive for Standard Oil.

Madeleine and Fay Ann, Aldrin’s elder sisters, were also women. Fay used to mispronounce “brother” as “buzzer,” which was then abbreviated to “Buzz.” As a result, his nickname, which was officially his formal first name in 1988, developed.

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