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Who Is Jeremy Hansen Wife? Meet Krista Hansen: Married Life And Kids Explore

Jeremy Hansen

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On January 27, 1976, Jeremy Hansen was born in Canada. He served as a CF-18 fighter pilot at Canadian Forces Base Cold Lake in Alberta before retiring as a captain from the Royal Canadian Air Force.

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In 2009, the Canadian Space Agency selected him and David Saint-Jacques as astronauts. As a mission expert for the Artemis 2 flight, Hansen has been elevated to the rank of colonel. In 2024, he will travel to the moon as the first Canadian and non-American astronaut. Many would-be astronauts are inspired by Hansen’s remarkable space travel accomplishments.

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Krista Hansen, Jeremy Hansen’s wife, is a model

Jeremy Hansen is married to Krista Hansen, a physician with a focus on obstetrics and gynecology. She completed her residency program in 2001 at Hamilton, Ontario’s McMaster University before continuing on to Johns Hopkins University to earn a master’s degree in public health.

After completing her schooling, she worked as a locum tenens across Ontario, covering other people’s OBGYN offices. In 2002, Krista and her husband moved to Cold Lake, Alberta, where she opened up her own OBGYN office and ended up being the only OB/GYN in the area.

Before relocating to Texas for her husband’s astronaut training, she lived in Cold Lake for seven years. As the spouse of an astronaut, Krista has had to learn to adapt to a peculiar lifestyle that involves frequent moves and lengthy separations from her husband. She has been forced to take on the majority of the childcare responsibilities in addition to balancing her demanding career as a medical practitioner.

Despite the challenges, Krista supports her husband’s goal of becoming an astronaut, and she has prepared herself and her family for the possibility that he could spend a lot of time away from home while serving on a space mission.

Because of her background in medicine, she is also qualified to handle any unique medical issues or concerns that may arise during her husband’s astronaut training and space missions. Overall, Krista is a strong, accomplished woman who has dedicated her career as a doctor to helping others while still being a devoted wife to her astronaut husband.

Children of Jeremy Hansen

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Colonel Hansen has a fulfilling personal life as a loving husband and father of three kids. He likes to go sailing and race sailboats, as well as rock climbing and mountain biking, outside of work. Colonel Jeremy Hansen’s career has been nothing short of spectacular, marked by several accomplishments and turning points.

When he enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron at the age of 12, he discovered his love for flying. From there, he obtained his private pilot’s license and wings at the age of 17, which enabled him to enroll in the Royal Military College Saint-Jean. He earned a bachelor’s degree in space science, passed the CF-18 Fighter Pilot Training, and spent several years flying fighter aircraft.

On the other hand, the Canadian Space Agency selected Colonel Hansen as an astronaut in 2009. He underwent extensive training and even spent a week on the ocean floor during the NEEMO 19 expedition.

He will be working on the Artemis II mission in 2023 and was the first Canadian to lead a NASA astronaut class. Colonel Hansen’s career illustrates not only his exceptional academic achievements and flying skills, but also his dedication to space exploration and his ability to inspire young Canadians to pursue their aspirations in this field.

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