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Who Is Kendall Kipp | Volleyball Player | Wiki And Family Details

Kendall Kipp

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Kendall Kipp is a sophomore volleyball player for Stanford University Athletics who shines brightly on the court. As of September 2023, this young athlete is still making waves in the sports world.

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Kendall’s influence extends beyond her on-court performance. She’s also a busy student who juggles her education and her love of the game. Continue reading to learn more about this rising star.

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Kendall Kipp’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. As a sophomore athlete, she has made an impact on Stanford University Athletics, particularly in women’s volleyball. Kendall was born in the United States on December 12, 2000. She now serves as an opposite at Stanford University, exhibiting her aptitude and determination.

Kendall Kipp’s History

Kendall Elizabeth Kipp is her full name. She was born in the United States and attended Stanford University, where she plays volleyball as an opposite.

Favorites and Early Life

Kendall’s birthday is unusually close to Christmas. She was born just two weeks before Christmas, so it’s no surprise that it’s one of her favorite holidays. Aside from her holiday connection, Kendall is notable for her incredible height. She has an imposing presence on the court as a 6-foot-4 outside hitter.

Sports Achievements

Kipp’s influence on the Stanford women’s volleyball team is notable. Her contributions were significant in recent matches, such as the one between No. 4 Nebraska and No. 5 Stanford. Kendall’s athletic career has been notable, with numerous intense competitions and achievements under her belt.

Presence on Social Media

Kendall’s enchantment has moved to social media platforms. Her Instagram account, @kendallkipp, has a 10,000-person following, suggesting her celebrity off the court as well.

Academic Interests

Kendall’s love of volleyball isn’t her only interest. She attends Stanford University and studies Human Biology, perfectly blending her athletic and academic interests.

Family History

The Kipps have a strong athletic gene. Kendall Kipp is the beloved daughter of Harry ‘Kip’ and Kathy Kipp. Her father was a University of Delaware basketball player. Kendall isn’t the only one in her family that is crazy about volleyball. Her older siblings, Kasey and Conley, both played women’s volleyball, with Kasey representing UC Santa Barbara and Conley representing Washington.

Discover Kendall Kipp Stanford women’s volleyball features a segment called “Get to Know with Stanford Women’s Volleyball,” in which Kendall candidly discusses her Stanford decision, pregame routines, and other issues. It’s a fascinating look at what makes her tick.

Profiles of Stanford Students

Kendall Elizabeth Kipp is profiled in Stanford Profiles for those who want to learn more about her life. Her abilities, studies, and other pursuits are detailed on her website.


Kendall Kipp, who exactly is she? She is a wonderful example of talent, dedication, and excitement. Kendall, a rising star in Stanford women’s volleyball, continues to inspire people, whether on the court, in the classroom, or at home with her family.

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