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Who Is Lindsey Bird, Paul Bird Wife? Married Life And Children

Paul Bird

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Lindsey Bird was Paul Bird’s wife. After a short illness, Paul Bird, the owner of the successful Paul Bird Motor Sport (PBM) team, died unexpectedly at the age of 56.

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In the sporting world, Paul Bird was a well-known person. He was Paul Bird Motorsport’s (PBM) proprietor.

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Owner of a British racing team, Paul Bird was an avid racer. His squad competed in rallying, auto racing, and motorcycle road racing.

Paul had a long background in racing, having competed in both motocross and rally cars. PBM was established in 1996.

Recently, PBM has been a strong competitor in the BSB rankings. Riders like Glenn Irwin and Tommy Bridewell are part of it.

PBM participated in the British Superbike Championship as a motorcycle racer, starting off with Kawasaki bikes. eventually changing to Ducati.

Paul Bird was a major factor in PBM’s rise to prominence as a racing team. Sadly, the icon passed away in 2023, leaving a gap in the sports industry.

Who Is Paul Bird’s Wife Lindsey Bird?

Paul Bird and Lindsey Bird had a happy marriage. They have supported one another through good times and bad for more than 20 years.

A well-known name in the sports world is Paul Bird. Therefore, it is not unusual for well-known individuals to shield their loved ones from the spotlight.

Lindsey, Paul Bird’s wife, has been a devoted and supportive partner throughout their marriage. In addition to being a devoted wife, Paul Bird’s wife is a kind and kind mother.

In the town of Penrith, the pair married the knot in 2009. A number of people had assembled to observe the occasion.

Following the conclusion of their wedding ceremony, several planes performed a flyby. It had been a sumptuous wedding breakfast for the guests.

Their marriage served as a testament to their unwavering love and commitment to one another. Since then, the couple have been together.

Paul Bird’s Grateful Years

Lindsey Bird and Paul Bird were wed for many years. During their marriage, the two have helped one other at every turn.

However, during a horrifying invasion by intruders in 2009, Paul Bird’s wife was burnt with bleach forcibly. The bird’s home had been broken into by the attackers.

Lindsey Bird and the couple’s infant daughter had been at their Cumbrian house close to Penrith. And out of nowhere, two thugs invaded their personal area.

There were rumors that the trespassers had doused Mrs. Bird’s hands and arms with bleach. In addition, they took jewelry and cash with them.

Even though they faced many obstacles and had difficult days, Paul and Lindsey helped one another. The two remained together all the time.

At the age of 56, Paul, the proprietor of Paul Bird Motorsport, departed from this life. His wife Lindsey and family must have been shocked by his leaving.

Paul Bird Kids

Paul Bird is a father of three kids. Frank Bird, his son, Jordan Bird, his oldest daughter, and Lexi Bird, his youngest, are his children.

Jordan, the oldest daughter of Paul Bird, is contentedly wed and has proudly made Paul a grandpa. At the age of ten, Lexi Bird, her father’s youngest daughter, has shown an early interest in the world of racing.

She seems to be following in her father’s footsteps even at the age of almost 14. She may have aspirations to join a squad in the future.

The family’s passion for motorized racing is being carried on by Frank Bird, the son of Paul Bird. Frank has taken part in the Europe Series of the GT World Challenge.

Frank is becoming well-known not only for his automobiles but also for his abilities as a rally driver. Due to his father’s passing, Frank Bird will regrettably not be participating in the next UK tournament.

Frank Bird will be replaced by Alain Valante when Frank attends his father’s memorial.

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