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Who Is Mandy Harvey Husband Travis | Kids Family And Net Worth

Mandy Harvey

Mandy Harvey, also known as Amanda Lynn Harvey, is an American singer-songwriter who competed in the show’s 12th season.

Mandy completely lost her hearing sense in 2007, but with the use of visual tuners, she was still able to learn how to sing at the right pitches. In 2008, she met jazz pianist Mark Sloniker at Fort Collins, Colorado’s Jay’s Bistro. At the same place later, she started singing.

Additionally, she had a performance at Denver’s Dazzle Jazz Lounge, where she also made three jazz records. About one of her CDs, Smile, The Jazz Times stated, “The vocals are rich and captivating.”

In 2010, 2014, 2019, and 2022, she released her second, third, fourth, and fifth albums, respectively. In 2011, she received the International Young Soloist Award from VSA.

Who is Travis, Mandy Harvey’s husband?

Travis is the spouse of Mandy. She hasn’t released any information about her hubby yet. More specifics on Travis’s complete name, identity, and current activities are required. The pair still needs to reveal the exact date of their nuptials.

As part of Harvey’s promise to have a full discussion with Travis in sign language, the non-profit Harvey runs, No Barriers USA, posted a video on their YouTube channel in 2015 where Travis is shown studying sign language.

Travis and Harvey are depicted in the video as a loving pair, and Travis is a gentleman who never betrays his affection.

Travis appears to be quite helpful, and he has been studying sign language so that he can communicate with his wife more effectively.

Mandy Harvey’s Family and Children

Father Joe Harvey and mother Valerie Harvey welcomed Mandy Harvey into the world on January 2, 1988. His mother Valerie worked as a public school teacher, while his father Joe was a priest.

Harvey was reared in Longmont, Colorado, but he was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. When she was ten years old, her family moved.

Harvey was one of four kids raised by Harvey’s parents. When she was 18 years old, she started to lose her hearing, yet she never stopped singing.

Louis was born to Harvey and Travis in June 2022. The adorable youngster is shown in Harvey’s Instagram image. The mother and son team’s strong relationship is clear to observe.

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Money earned by Mandy Harvey

Mandy Harvey, a jazz vocalist, is thought to have a net worth of roughly $3 million as of 2022.

The previous several years have seen a significant increase in her net worth. Harvey’s net worth was $1.75 million when she participated in America Got Talent’s 12th season in 2017, more than doubling since then. In the competition, Harvey finished fourth.

Harvey’s fans adored her latest album, Paper Cuts, which she released in 2022.

Harvey also serves as an ambassador for No Barriers, a charitable organization that aids persons with disabilities in overcoming challenges.

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