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Who Is Noberto Vitangcol | Meet Alice Eduardo Ex-Husband | Wiki & Relationship

Alice Eduardo

Alice Eduardo is widely regarded as one of the Philippines’ most successful businesswomen. She has also had personal troubles. Her relationship with her ex-husband, Noberto Vitangcol, has received the most attention.

Who exactly is Noberto Vitangcol? What transpired between the two? Aside from her business acumen, Alice Eduardo is well-known for her charitable contributions and her incredible journey from sales representative to founder of Sta. Elena Construction and Development Corporation.

With such a great career, her personal life, particularly her divorce from Noberto Vitangcol in 2010, has sparked many people’s interest. Not just any other Filipino businesswoman, Alice Eduardo is the founder of Sta. Elena Construction and Development Corporation. While her charitable efforts and financial accomplishments are praiseworthy, her personal life, notably her connection with ex-husband Noberto Vitangcol, remains in the spotlight.

Who exactly is Alice Eduardo?

Alice Eduardo’s success story is inspiring. She rose through the company ranks, beginning as a sales representative and eventually founding Sta. Elena Construction in 1987. The corporation was responsible for iconic landmarks such as the Paraaque Integrated Resort and Casino (Entertainment City) and the SM Mall of Asia under her leadership. While she is pleased of her professional achievements, she has not been without controversy, as evidenced by her tax dispute with Gretchen Barretto.

Alice Eduardo Marital Status

Alice Eduardo has gained her independence. She did, however, previously exchange wedding vows with Noberto Vitangcol, and their marriage resulted in three children.

Alice Eduardo and Noberto Vitangcol’s Wedding

On December 4, 1994, Alice Eduardo and Noberto Vitangcol were married in the Manila Cathedral in Intramuros. When Alice discovered Vitangcol’s former marriage, their marriage, which appeared to be happy at first, took a stormy turn.

Noberto Vitangcol Alice Eduardo’s Ex-Husband

Noberto Vitangcol’s name is frequently associated with his ex-wife, Alice Eduardo. Aside from this relationship, he is well-known in the Philippines as a businessman and the former CEO of Sta. Elena Construction and Development Corporation. In 2010, he was found guilty of bigamy and sentenced to two years, four months, to eight years, and one day in prison.

Alice Eduardo’s Middle Name

Many individuals have questioned Alice Eduardo’s middle name, “G.” While the exact meaning is uncertain, it is thought to be her mother’s maiden name or a nickname. “Alice” stands out in the world of names since it is German for “exalted,” emphasizing the uniqueness of names and their meanings.


Alice Eduardo’s and her ex-husband Noberto Vitangcol’s story is one of victory, controversy, and personal suffering. Alice Eduardo is no longer married and devotes her attention to her business, charity, and her children’s well-being.

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