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Who Is Nutter On Tiktok, Why He Was Arrested


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Nutter, a popular TikTok user, was detained by the Kashmir Police in Pakistan. TikTok and Twitter, among others, are buzzing with the news of his detention.

Popular TikTok user Amber Azam, aka “Nutter,” has received criticism from Pakistani viewers for allegedly inappropriate behavior. He is accused of promoting offensive language through his TikTok broadcasts. He is currently being held in a jail in Kashmir on charges of violating Pakistan’s Cyber Act.

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A humiliated Pakistani TikTok user named Nutter was just picked up by the Kashmir Police in Dadyal.

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Twitter and TikTok are flooded with comments about the arrest of the notorious TikTok user Nutter in Pakistan.

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Nutter, a popular TikTok star from Pakistan, was recently detained by the Kashmir Police in Dadyal.

Positive reactions have been widespread, with many pointing out that Nutter misunderstood Pakistanis.

Nutter’s social media followers have accused him of encouraging offensive language. Frequently, he would broadcast himself live on TikTok, where he would rant and display explicit material.

And, to the dismay of his audience, Nutter was also accused of propagating misogynistic views and speaking derogatorily about women.

However, the Pakistani police grabbed Nutter after receiving numerous complaints about him from his fans.

Whether or whether Nutter will be released by police or face further charges remains to be seen. It appears that he has already been banned from TikTok or that his account has been deleted.

What Is the True Identity of Nutter, and What Led to His Arrest?

Amber Azam Nutter is a Pakistani national whose given name is Nutter.

The TikTok star’s username, @onlynutters, attracted more than 18K followers and 263K likes.

However, Nutter was just recently jailed in Pakistan for using his TikTok Live to promote offensive language.

The arrest of disgraced social media star Nutter has made him a target of ridicule among young Pakistanis.

Everyone agrees that the person should be arrested and is speaking out against the viral star.

According to reports, the Kashmir Police have arrested and charged him with a crime under the Cyber Act.

The fate of the discredited Pakistani social media influencer, who may or may not have been released, remains unclear.

On Twitter and TikTok especially, a photo of Nutter being taken into police custody has gone viral.

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