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Who Is Ronika Stone | Meet Jordan Love Girlfriend | Explore Her Wiki & Age

Ronika Stone

Ronika Stone – Wikipedia Jordan Love’s girlfriend is twenty-five years old. Stone is also a superb athlete, showcasing her exceptional abilities and triumphs on the volleyball field.

This article will discuss their relationship history and provide personal information about Ronika Stone. Ronika Stone and his partner, Jordan Love, have been together since 2020. Even though their love story has gone public, the details of their first meeting have not been published.

The particular events that brought them together remain unknown. Their courtship took a significant step ahead in September 2020, when Stone shared a lovely snapshot of the two on Instagram. The photo was accompanied by the funny question, “Have you cleaned your mirror yet?”

Throughout the 2022 season, Stone would frequently cheer for the Packers’ quarterback from the bleachers. She even had less-than-ideal tickets at Arrowhead Stadium, sharing the stands with Love’s mother, Anna. While Stone and Love maintain a more discreet public image than many other young NFL couples, we can see glimpses of their intimate times on Stone’s TikTok account.

Ronika Stone: Wikipedia and Age

Ronika Stone, Ron and Roxanne’s daughter, was born June 7, 1998. She is currently 25 years old. She grew up in San Jose, California, and graduated from Valley Christian High School. Her father, Ron Stone, is a former NFL star.

Ron Stone, a well-known offensive and right guard, has played for several professional teams, including the Dallas Cowboys (where he won two Super Bowls), the New York Giants, the San Francisco 49ers, and the Oakland Raiders. Stone pursued her athletic abilities in volleyball throughout her college years at the University of Oregon, where she achieved remarkable success and set records.

She has the highest lifetime hitting percentage, at.336. Stone is also Oregon’s all-time block assist leader, with 429, making her the first player in school history to reach that milestone. She also received a journalism degree in 2020. Following graduation, Stone continued to make an impact in international volleyball, representing Volero Le Cannet in France and Las Pinkin De Corozal in Puerto Rico.

In addition, she participated in the Athletes Unlimited League. On October 3, 2023, Stone signed with San Diego Pro Volleyball. According to her LinkedIn profile, Stone is also a League One Volleyball ambassador.

Trolls Cowboys Fans Following Green Bay’s Win

Jordan Love’s girlfriend, Ronika Stone, had the last laugh on Sunday as she watched the Green Bay Packers quarterback demolish the Dallas Cowboys defense for a surprising 48-32 playoff victory. The Packers’ huge victory was viewed as one of the most significant upsets in contemporary NFL history.

The Cowboys, who were heavily favored to win and had a 16-game home turf winning streak, were caught away by the unexpected turn of events. In a video posted on Instagram following the Packers’ dominant performance, Stone said, “What happened?! “I thought we were Dem Boyz?” she asked, her gaze fixed on the row of empty chairs in front of her.

The teasing continued on TikTok, as Stone shared another video of herself laughing and dancing with supporters at AT&T Stadium. She captioned the video, “Just checking in to see if y’all are still Dem Boyz?!” She captioned the photo with “#gopackgo,” praising the Packers’ victory as the first No. 7 seed to win a playoff game since the league expanded the playoffs a few years back.

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