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Who Is Sammie Okposo Wife Ozioma Sammie Okposo? Family And Net Worth At Death

Sammie Okposo

Ozioma Sammie Okposo, Sammie Okposo’s wife, and he wed after dating for a number of years and more than ten years. After meeting at the Kingsway International Christian Center in London, the pair became a unit.

Sammie, meanwhile, was a well-known gospel performer from Nigeria who was also a music producer, psalmist, and the CEO of Zamar Entertainment. His whereabouts are extensively sought for due to his multifaceted nature.

Sadly, news of this prominent person’s terrible demise suddenly broke in the media, and his admirers are very saddened by the development. They are curious to learn more about the family members and personal information in relation to this.

Sammie Okposo Estate Net Worth

Sammie Okposo’s estimated net worth upon death was $1.5 million, according to Mayor’s Tune. He amassed his riches via endorsement agreements with brands and his music, which is available on all streaming services.

He is a psalmist, music producer, and gospel vocalist in addition to being the founder, president, and CEO of Zamar Entertainment.

He began working in the Nigerian film industry as a sound track producer in 1992. He then made the decision to formally launch his profession as a producer and expanded into the music industry.

Ozioma Sammie Okposo, Sammie Okposo’s wife, who is she?

After dating Ozioma Sammie Okposo for around three years, Sammie Okposo wed her on July 1, 2010. He had described his wife as being extremely patient and understanding.

She is also the younger sister of Okpuno, Otolo native Kene Mkparu. She serves as the CEO of Nigeria’s premier theaters, Film House and Film One.

Sammie had been accused of adultery, drawing attention to the couple. In the same vein, he expressed regret for his behavior on Instagram. African Doll, a girl, accused him of having an unplanned pregnancy and leaving her pregnant.

Additionally, following the disagreement, it seemed that their relationship had deteriorated, yet a few months later, on November 25, 2022, he died suddenly after a slump.

Who Are Sammie Okposo’s Family Members?

Before marrying Ozioma Sammie Okposo, Sammie Okposo had relationships with a number of other women. They did not intend to grow their family by having more children.

He is also said to have a little daughter named Alula Okposo with Gloria Ibru. Other than this, he doesn’t seem to be the father of any kids.

Although he was charged for impregnating and leaving African Doll, no information about the child’s location has been provided. Since he is no longer living, a close relative may be grieving the loss while participating in his death rites.

His parents’ details, however, have not been made public. Additionally, his family members have not made any comments about his passing and have stayed quiet.

They may discuss his tragic passing in the media soon, as requested by his supporters and fan base.

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